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August 27, 2007



Anwar had two things his killers will never have. He had himself and he had integrity. The killers have neither..


What a tragic story. I hope you and Jenan and everyone are doing ok. I didn't even know Anwar, but I will remember him for his bravery.

Rev. R. Vincent Warde

It sounds like Anwar was a great man - Iraq (and for that matter the US) need more people like him.

As we search for an answer to the "Iraq question", let's remember Anwar - and let's remember that a sudden pull out may save American lives in the short run, but many more Iraqis like him will die. Sometimes there are simply no easy, simple answers - be it "bring the troops home" or "stay the course".

May God grant wisdom and courage equal to Anwar's to those in authority in both Baghdad and Washington.

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