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August 01, 2007



Thank you Leila for this important post. The U.S. govt presently is spending $3,850 (U.S. dollars) PER SECOND on the occupation of Iraq--$10 billion per month (according to the Congressional Research Service, a bipartisan agency of the U.S. Congress). Only $35 million dollars total--in pledges and actual money given--has been contributed by the U.S. to the United Nations Refugee Agency to help displaced Iraqis.

We can help by making a donation to the International Red Cross, Red Crescent, which is providing direct services to people in need inside Iraq.

For information and to make a donation, go to: http://www.redcross.int/en/default.asp

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.

Thank you, Ms Fidal, for writing the urgently needed article on OXFAM's new report!

Oxfam shows that the unspeakable horror inflicted on Iraq infants, children and women is even worse than before the U.S. invasion of 2003.

The "collatoral" damage of General Petraeus' surge is approaching the scale of the German liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. Instead of liquidating a large ghetto, we Americans are liquidating an entire country. As the Former Assistant Secretary General of the UN, Denis Halliday said in Baghdad, UN policy under the thumb of the US amounted to nothing less than slow genocide.

Now General Petraeus and his boss Bush and Bush's boss Cheney have accelerated the tempo of their genocide.

As a genocide scholar, I believe that the similarities between the agony of the Warsaw ghetto and the entire country of Iraq is greater than the differences.

Ms Fidal, you are a true patriot who did us all a great service by providing us with a link to Oxfam's report.

I beg fellow Americans, to be better than Germans who claimed they did not know. I beg fellow Americans to read the report (or at least its executive summary) and to donate to the Red Cross using the link supplied by Laura (above).

I produced the anguished condemnation of you, Ms. Fidal, for writing about football rather than a humanitarian emergency which exceeds 100 fold the suffering in Darfur. This war crime, this rape of Iraq, is our direct responsibility as Americans .

This on-going warcrime is the direct result of our American policies which are not merely liquidating even the women and infants of Iraq, but also US troops themselves who face ever greater danger due to the surge of recruitment into the anti-occupation resistance generated by DOD's "surge".

Ms Fidal, If I my words inflicted pain on you, I apologize. In mitigation, I would point out that my life has been one of continuous PTSD since seeing the deaths of infants in Iraq, caused by US sanctions policy in 2002 -- the unspeakable suffering and death caused by my government and my tax dollars was inflicting and continues to inflict.

There is an alternative to the criminal and counterproductive annihilation of both our troops and Iraq civilians. This alternative preservs the Constitution. The alternative is to demand that your members of Congress sign on to the impeachment resolution directed against Bush's boss, Cheneny.

If you love the Constitution and American's ideals and the troops and want to end the slaughter of civilians, than call Congress five day a week till, Congress joins us, the overwhelming majority, in daring to oppose the imperial VP who is leading us to moral and fiscal ruin.

For God's sake, impeach Chen & Bush so we can Bring the Troops Home- NOW!

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.


Who's responsible of this mess apart from the Americans ? I've read that in the Kurdistan part things are going relatively well. So is it not in the end 'the insurgence'in the rest of the country that's responsible for a fatal way of coping with the American occupation ?

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