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September 03, 2007



Thank you Leila for this post, for inviting us to open our eyes. You and the Baghdad Bureau hold open a window for us, and we in the U.S.--for the love of all that is holy and just --must look through it.

How can Iraqis not imagine that we are monsters, that we have no respect for humanity, for lives other than those in our own little spheres, if we do not look, do not reach out in concern, do not protest the wrongs that are happening? How can the world, indeed, not imagine monstrous things of us?

And, if we do not look, if our hearts are not moved, then we become monsters. Whether monsters in actual deed, or monsters of indifference scarcely matters. Both act and apathy are forms of hate.

Please, let us choose a path different than hate, regardless if it is hate by action, or hate by inaction. And let's stop tolerating a leader who justifies harming other nations as a way of protecting our own (which is--after all--nothing but a lie).



The work you do day after day in Baghdad is insightful, meaningful and valuable.

Keep your chin up and keep telling us your stories.


Mike V.

Thank you Leila, you nourish the thread upon which sanity hangs. America will need many more like you to become the America I once had pride in.

An American

I concur completely with Leila's post, and of course many Americans care very deeply about the fate of the Iraqi people. However I'm continually amazed at how often President Bush seems to parrot Israeli right-wing propaganda, which of course leaves an extremely bad international impression of average Americans as war-mongering aggressors. We are not and many, if not most of us, would like to cut off all aid to Israel.

Robert Stift

Congratulations on a great story line. All life that animates human bodies is equally valuable except when one of those bodies acts with criminal intent. Criminal intent is and must be the watch word. Americans have lost respect in the world as well as in the Middle East because we apparently think that Americans who act with criminal intent should not die for their crimes. Think of how much American credibilty would be advanced if at least some Americans had been hanged in the Baghdad socer stadium for their crimes in Iraq?


here is a question that I hope that you can answer.
Is Fallujah trying to function under a vehicle ban and if so, - how long has the ban been in effect?
Thankyou, stay well and stay safe!


Billjpa: Have you seen this site before? Here is today's post about Fallujah:



Ms L-I have just completed reading the link your response led me to for the fifth time and I am still having a hard time accepting what it said regarding Fallujah. Pleas don't misunderstand what I am trying to say. First- Thankyou for responding to my request. I luv this internet thing!(ha!)
Second- the description of a city that has been methodically and CONSCIOUSLY been returned to a pre historically ancient time is so barbaric that I just keep reading it over and over!
Again-thankyou- I will follow all of your reporting with eager anticipation- just be careful and stay well!


Check out the latest blatant distortions from our number one supporter of our Chearleader In Chief and his "Crusade" in Iraq. That these people at Fox call themselves a news organization is truly ridiculous. The whole "Fair and Balanced" propaganda posing as news media thing is such a tired lie.


Rah rah rah, sis boom bah. Gooooooooooo trooops. Wheeeeeeeee!


hey JD21-ya see, its like this.With all this talk about "dratic" improvement in areas of Iraq I came across some rather disturbing info re Fallujah and thats what got me to dig a little deeper. Now you guide me to little katie and I read Medias coverage and the anger boils up a little deeper.
Why? I ask myself would she attempt to present this picture of success using the backdrop of a newly formed "PREHISTORIC" city?
Is the petraeus ego so distorted that he considers it impossible that the truth will never get out?
Or, is little katie telling the truth?
Now, given the fact that the city is being limitted to no more tha 200 vehicules entering per day and there is so little if any electricity
and food is in very limited supply- I ask myself-WHO THE HELL IS TELLING THE TRUTH? and given the Mcklatchy teams stellar record of coverage- I know where Im placing my bets.
BUT- I want more evidence (not bull but eveidence!)
Thanks for your help and if you know of more sources-Please send them my way.

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