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December 12, 2007


Linda Spurlock

Everybody lose and no body wins. War/policing action; whatever. No body wins. Young Americans killed by IEDs and snipers. Contractors killed and prisoners taken, and yet no one is responsible. The Iraqi people have paid a tremendous price for whatever type of freedon they have since Hussien, but over 3000 soliders familes have paid a price for a country or people they have never seen. Thousands more have come home disabled, unable to support their families, with little or no help for our government. This is so sad, the loss of a child, but is there a good age to loose a child? I say never. My Lord, have mercy on us all. Amen.


Ms. Fadel is obviously anti-American. the blog was a very well written smear piece.

I wonder who she would call to save her neck if she ever got kidnapped by islamists and threatened with beheading...


The piece was well written, and it is "round2go" who is smearing someone else.

It is not true that no one wins from war - the ones who start it often profit handsomely. They don't do the fighting or dying, they just collect a lot of money. Same with this war - some people made a bunch of money.

One time on C-Span last year, I heard some American say he always voted Republican because they lower taxes and usually cause military industrial stocks to go up.

They went way up in this case.

This war is a war of aggression, against a country that never attacked or threatened the USA. This war caused fundamentalist to become more extremist and more violent - true in Iraq and the USA and other places as well.

I am very sad that anyone is killed in this war, but I wish that everyone who died could have done it right in front of the White House and Congress. Then maybe those folks would stop this evil.


The winner in this war will be America, and the Iraqi Shiites who Bush liberated from a tyrannical regime.

If it wasn't for Bush, the Shiites would be oppressed to this day. Obviously, Susan and her ilk of Neo-Libs couldn't care less about freeing oppressed people. Only hatred of Bush consumes her...


Ms F, If this is progress, whay is failure? There isn't any doubt that two things are occuring. First, By ethnically cleansing neighborhoods and regions, open "violence" appears to be receed.
Second, as a result of the visibly lower loss statistics, the US Media can reduce the coverage and justify the lessened coverage.
Yet, when you describe such actions as you describe in the above post,it remains clear that the US is losing this occupation. What the people of the US need to understand is that they think in terms of seconds and minutes while the occupied think in terms of years, decades and even generations!


after taking a look at Ms. Fadel's picture, I've come to the conclusion that she's only a neophyte journalism student with absolutely no life experience...just a clueless broad who got a job for this rag b/c her rich daddy had connections... her case is just another example of how the rich, snooty left -- growing up detached from common society -- continue to mis-represent the truth in world events...

Linda Spurlock

"round2go", you should back away from your computer's keyboard immediately. The world has enough hate without you spewing more. You have the ability to discern what a person's background, education, training and experience level is looking at them? I have seen a lot of criminals in the newspapers, who looked good, had all the correct credential and were sound in educational backgrounds. I would assume you are a man. Is the persona attack because she is a woman? Did you read her article on leaving Iraq this year? Perhaps she has a slant toward the iraqi people, she lives and eats with them everyday. You completely missed the point of this article. A child died in its parents arms. America and Iraqi forces trying to find some the minority who terrorize and kill their own people. So, no one trust or believes in any thing because the pain has been too intense too long.

Linda Spurlock

First, "round2go", I am a christian conservative. As I have gotten older, I try to hear both sides of a situation, even if I don't agree with them. I have an opinion, and I try to hear and respect others' view points. My, my, I am a liberal dyke. I must share this information with my husband of thirty eight years, my two children and my three grandchildren. Also, I have absolutely no idea what a "neo-lib" is, and please don't waste a moment of your time trying to explain it to me. I believe you are the most angry person I have came across in a long time. Go to some church of choice and try to find some inter-peace.


This blog is a forum for open dialogue. It is supposed to be a place for people to express their opinions.

Please refrain from personally attacking other people who comment on the blog. We will remove all comments that contain inappropriate language.


ok "Liela", you should back away from your computer's keyboard immediately, and stop censoring those with whom you disagree. the world has enough left wing, Neo-Lib propaganda without you spewing out more. You are the most emotional female I came across in a long time. Go to some church of choice and get some wisdom.

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