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January 16, 2008



was getting worried! Your K friend has to understand- Democracy is Messy!!! Ha!
So is rape, murder,aerial bombing,ethnic cleansing,cholera......


"They liberated us after they gave Iraq the green light to invade,” she said. “This is not friendship.”

Everyone forgets Pappy Bush did in fact by his administration's absence of any strong signal to Sadam not to invade, give him an invasion green light. Remember we had been one of Iraq's best friends during the Iran-Iraq War.

linda spurlock

I am 57 years old and I am tired of remembering. I remember Carter, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, Clinton. As a teenager I remember where I was when Kennedy was killed. I remember Johnson and Ford. Some good....some bad...some horrible. Now, as Americans, we can learn from the past, or as they say we will relive it again. There is a lot of problems in the middle east arabic countries that we did not cause but it seems that we have become the catch-all for every bad situation. Don't get defensive; believe you me, we have a lot to be responsible for. Now that is stated Kuwait is an oil rich country....fix the problems yourself. As we Americans must do for our countries. I read about multimillion hotel to be built in Erbil. There is alot of news in Iraq and the middle east where people are ready to start prospering. By the way, read the Petrasus (sic) report of Sept 2007. I found it on www.
menas,co.uk. There is a mucher broader picture to be seen. If you care, America is wounded and although we are a large strong nation, if we fall, you have no future; like it or not.

RJ Adams

The abstract problem most people suffer from is the death of culture. Everywhere America treads it devours cultures and leaves its own, culture-less, society in its place. Given its way, everywhere on the planet would be the same - a mix of McDonalds and Hollywood screen violence.
Beyond the day to day business of staying alive it is this, I believe, that most dread. It is a very real fear.


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