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July 26, 2008



That is so sad.


Firefights are hazardous to life.

Wars always kill civilians.

An emotion milking story is always available.

Superb job of reinforcing to the Iraqis- pretend no war is going on and US troops job in a firefight is not to shoot to kill but to read the minds of people in vehicles.

Good spin off of the famous Blackwater shoot out. You strike the same points without being blatant.

Excellent refocus of the insurgent attack to make it invisible in plain sight in your story.


Wars do always kill civilians. And that is why starting up a war where none exists is the highest of evils and an act of mass murder. This is particularly true when you start up a war of aggression against a country where none of the people had harmed you in the first place.

What the US under bush & cheney has done is a huge war crime in my opinion. It is sad but true that the US military will suffer more for these crimes than either bush or cheney or any other war supporter.

I hear Perle is getting in on the oil deals in Kurdistan.



Milking the boy's death is a cheap shot reinforcing and promoting the violence rather than pointing out:
1. The Iraqi people are responsible for allowing insurgents to operate.
2. The Iraqi government is responsible for death squads and motivating insurgents.
3. The US congress is responsible for "taking impeachment off the table" and for blocking it from hearings.
4. Blaming the US troops, just as in the Blackwater event, for not reading minds to tell friend from foe in the middle of battle.
5. Preventing Iraqis from uniting against the insurgents by misdirecting their own anger and frustration away from insurgents to US troops.
6. Promoting insurgent propaganda and recruiting by blaming the US troops even through the firefight was started by the insurgents that killed the boy.

Susan if you want to stop the war, do so directing your emotion where it changes something, the civilian authority process which gives the mission to our military.

Emotion milking switching the blame for civilian deaths from everyone responsible to US troops is a cheap shot: prolonging the war, supporting the insurgents, and undermining holding Iraqi officials and population responsible for the attack against the US troops that caused the firefight.


This writer did not "blame" US troops, she reported that they fired the shots.

And if the US military cannot get rid of the insurgents, what are unarmed civilians supposed to do?

If the Iraqi officials/government are responsible for the attacks on US troops, then why are US troops in that country propping up the government there?

And who are you to tell the Iraqi people who they should or should not be angry with? Who make you master of the Iraqi people?

and as for "directing your emotion where it changes something, the civilian authority process which gives the mission to our military"... well, I have been doing that for almost seven years.

Maybe you could tell me HOW to do it be effective. Letters, lobbying, protests, vigils, you name it, I've probably done it is it was non-violent.... and still no success here in the USA.

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