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July 27, 2007



Hannah, I love the information you provide US in the states. Thank you for providing a 'view' that we, Americans, need to see and hear. Thank you, be safe, and stay strong.


Hey Hannah,
Great list. One of my personal favorites not on there was the Special Police Transition Teams for training the paramilitary police commandos, knowns as SPTTs (proncouned spits), which it was decided wasn't very nice, so they changed it to National Police Transition Teams, NPTTs, (now pronounced nip-its). And then of course there was the ridiculous proliferation of -BIEDs, as the VBIED turned into the SVBIED (suicide car bomb), TBIED (truck bomb) and I heard of a BBIED - bicycle borne improvised explosive device... but they could have been pulling my leg.


CLP is a convoy logistics patrol.

Hannah Allam

Paul, SPTTs is a great one! Thanks! And your BBIED reminded me of another one, circa late 2003. An insurgent had fired a rocket from a mule-drawn wagon outside the Palestine Hotel. At the briefing the next day, Gen. Kimmitt called it a DMML: donkey-mounted mobile launcher!

Hannah Allam

Ah, mystery solved. Thanks, McBeav!


Actually, we always used CLP to mean "Combat Logistics Patrol"

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