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March 20, 2008



Give him a break...at different times on different occasions he has addressed all subjects...he simply cannot fill every single hole all at once.
There are many read and unread negative forces working AT him...he is doing well considering that!
He is the new must have Prez. that will truely bring the world towards Unity and acceptance of shared wealth and universal appreciation.
Additionally,where was the news media when white racist insidents occur...they are not the first to report it...they sit,observe & ok it until Black americans speak out against it...then they join in ...yet they repeatedly hold Barack accountable for what his ex-minister said...in black churches ministers speak rapidfire and you will not remember everything that is said,even if you do hear it. The black church is vocal,people scream,yell,shout,cry,moan,stop jump up ,rock ,sway ,wave their hands...With hundreds or thousands of worshippers ...HOW can you make .30 sec.of a ministers 20 year career...just that long...How can you say that he sat there for over thirty years and never said a word...DID HE PREACH THE SAME SERMON FOR 20 years??? Dont tell part of the story....Tell it all...Wasnt the Minister a ex-Marine,Navy Nurse...w/multiple degrees???what about dopehead Rush Limbaugh...who also is a criminal getting all he good print...where is the out-rage about this...Guilt by association....what about all the racial jokes and racial lies that white people have been telling each other forever...guilt by association???
We got a Racial problem that should be dealt with in a christian way Not in a hateful
undercover racist way
God Bless


Even with the association to Pastor Wright, the Republicans are still whispering he is Muslim. Obama has been in church for 20 years. Are we saying Sunday church, Friday mosque?Take this to heart, he may be the only candidate who will speak to the Palestinians. McCain's trip to the Far East has ignored them. So will Hillary for that matter. Do not judge him too harshly. You as a journalist is in a position to be the bridge. Be wise and far sighted.


Amendment: not Far East. Middle East.

Alfred Goodwein

Obama, Obama:Damned if he does;damned if he doesn't. The Clinton's have killed the opportunity to elect a Democrat to the White House.
Everyday in this self-destructive campaign, John McCain is looking good to be the best choice. They shall reap what they have sown

Alfred Goodwein, ThD
Richmond, VA

Gillian Rosheuvel

Thank goodness I wasn't the only one greatly annoyed by that comment. The rest of the speech was thoughtful and insightful, but I was really disturbed by how casual he was with that remark, like he was sanctioning the thinking that blames the problems on the Middle East not on America and the West's unfair policies but on those big bad Muslims.

I'm not Muslim, so I cannot speak for Muslims; but THIS Christian was deeply, deeply disappointed with this ugly sentiment in what was an otherwise profoundly moving speech.


Oh geez...the guy can't get a break.
Wait until you see what Hillary and McCain bring to the table

Sylva Portoian

In every religion there is good and bad.
The religion is faith
Difficult to analyze in every heart!
We as Armenians lived with Muslims all our lives,
Turkish Muslims vanished us while Arab Muslims saved our blood!
Now American Republican are all Christian, the Congress never wants to recognize our genocide;
That Ottoman Turks in 1915 killed two million innocent lives and took all our belongings and our lands,
Leaving us immigrants.


I wish Obama would answer some questions. What does he believe? I don't care about what he disagrees with. I want to know WHAT he believes. How is he going to protect our borders? What's his ideas on immigration? How is he going to pay for healthcare? He's a good speaker, but I want some substance.


Perhaps the most ignorant aspect of Obama's reference to radical Islam in connection with the Arab-Israeli conflict is that radical Islam has almost nothing to do with it.


Obama is quickly becoming just another in a long line of spineless, wimpy democrats. He, along with Walter Mondale, John Kerry, Al Gore and Bill Clinton form a quintet of candidates and presidents who have prostituted themselves at the feet of the almighty dollar, and who, in the process, have foresworn the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Obama even denies the truths espoused by his own pastor, whom he has known for two decades, sounding much like Peter when he turned away from Jesus. For all those looking for a real throwback democrat, vote for Cynthia McKinney. Well, I'll be: a woman AND an African-American!

Todd Q

Apparently it's all his grandmother's fault.

You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family:

Let's see, he picked (free choice) as one of his "best friends and spiritual leader" a violent, hate mongering racist. Either he is a complete idiot (which he certainly claims not to be) and never understood what Wright was saying for the last 20 years, and what the doctrine of his church is (Available on their website), or he has, by free choice, chosen to follow this person and his ideals for the last 20 years.

What part of it don't people get?

Could you imagine if Hillary or McCain had been going to a violently anti black church for the last 20 years, claimed that the pastor was one of their best friends and spiritual leader, and then explained it by saying: "Well of course people feel that way, they've had affirmative action crammed down their throat since the 60's, besides my black grandmother has said nasty things about whites".

Just f***ing amazing! But what is even more amazing is all the stupid people who thought it was: "The best speech since Martin Luther King".

Pah-leeze, don't even compare Dr. King and Obama or I will barf...

MLK was against the very crap that Obama just tried to pull, he knew that black people could not blame whites, and that they had to stand on their own two feet, all he asked for was a fair chance. It is because of him that Obama has a fair chance, but he just blew it.

It's a disgrace he stood up there in front of the American flag and tried to pull this shit. Since he has spent 20 years listening to and agreeing with "Africa first", maybe he should go back to Kenya and run for president there.

And as has been pointed out by some of the comments here: He is so afraid of being branded as a Muslim, that he marginalizes them.

I'm white and I'm all for a Black President: Colin Powell will put a big smile on my face, he is truely a man of honor and integrity of the first degree, and I wish he were a candidate. Condi Rice is a fantastic woman, she just oozes class, competence and logic (besides being beautiful). I would happily vote for either of them even if they are Republicans, but Obama? Obama is your typical sleazy politician: Lots of eloquent big talk about what he doesn't like, but not one concrete plan. Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up first. You can hope all you want, but if you don't have something to back it up, you are wasting your time, and he has no plan at all. "Yes we can" only works if you have a plan, and Obama doesn't have one.

So far the man has been running his mouth non-stop for the last 6 months, and he still hasn't said anything at all. It's all a bunch of hot air...


All of this is so crazy. I am afraid that i do not understand racism in the least. Do i understand its affects? Yes! My father's father fought along-side Crazy Horse at Little Big Horn when he was 16. My mother's father fought in Hitler's army when he was drafted at gunpoint. I have seen the effects of racism, but i cannot understand it.
Too often we tend to mix up racism with other biases. As a Christian, I am pro-Israel because they were and are the chosen people of God...that does not make me anti-Arab, but it does make me anti-whoever would seek to displace Israel. With all the anti-Semitic talk we have to listen to today, has anyone ever gotten a really GOOD reason for it? Just as there is NO GOOD REASON for hating anyone because of their skin color. I don't hate Islamics...they have a right to believe what they want...but radical Islam, for all their rhetoric, is simply a modern version of the Crusades in reverse. All of it hypocrisy...then and now.
As for slavery, i agree with the previous poster...i know no slaves or slave owners in the USA. It should be a remembered piece of history insofar as we never allow it to happen again. But slavery still exists in other parts of the world...look at Darfur! But who gripes about that? Instead of complaining about the past, we should be fixing our present. Personally, i don't think Obama or Hillary have the ability to do that. Still not sure about McCain.
The sad part is that we as a nation have forgotten what Christian really means, and have given ourselves over to a "Jerry Springer Show" mentality. And we are not alone in this. The whole world has gone mad. May God forgive us. I do believe the days of Revelation 4-20 are upon us.
"Look up, for your redemption draws near!"

Philip Huang

If it means anything, Obama was reported as having wrote much of his speech...

...I think you can tell which parts of his speech are personal, and what would be standard for any major party nominee. I think the parts that are personal are remarkable, and delve deeper into bridging the racial divide.

I remember a decade ago when John Sayles did "Lone Star", which delved into black and white and Hispanic relations like no other film before, and people complained he was light on the Hispanic dimension.

Yes, he has a million topics to address, many more than a white candidate.

Yes, he does have to overcompensate for his pastor.

My sympathies are with you, but he's running for the President of the United States. I am Asian-American but if he or his speechwriters don't mention my coffee klatch I won't be offended...because I know he'll do right by us "small nations".


No man is responsible for another man’s happiness – Terre Haute Union Hall granite. The pursuit of happiness is inalienable – Declaration of Independence. If penal codes are too expensive, that is a question for the legislature - at least here - God Bless America. Everyone has a story; people who were friends, people who were enemies - I for one expect more than calculated bird feeding from those running for president. I wonder what kind of bird feed (prechewed and discounted) "your" concern will receive from the US if Obama actually wins?




My Goodness! Give it a rest. Everyone is still missing the point. Obama wanted to run for President as a man looking to change what we know to be "Normal politics". The sad thing is we rather go back and forth about race religion sex and anything else that take us off the issues. It's a shame that he has to be the Black guy running. These are the very same poltics that have held us back for so long. Divide and Conquer. What do we know about the other candidates? Does anyone know the name of Hillary's church? Or if she attends at all. How about McCain? We don't care. Here is a man that finally came along speaking against the grain and we punish and dig through anyone he ever knew, heard of or met looking for excuses because we fear CHANGE. Is this the only way they can win? DON'T BE FOOLED!! STAY ON THE ISSUES!!!



It is disappointing that political Zionism has infiltrated the religious interpretation of so many Christian groups these days. If you look at traditional readings of the Bible, the ideas you express are nowhere to be found. They are a product of a modern ideaology that gained currency in the late 19th century. The traditional Biblical view holds that the Jews broke their covenant with God and their return to Israel would be heralded only by the coming of the Messiah. At the time of the creation of Israel there was a heated debate between religious Jews who were generally against the idea and secular Jews who longed for a land that they could call their own (even if it someone else's). To this day, there are conservative Jewish groups that continue to hold to the traditional perspective and reject the state of Israel.

Religious interpretations aside, it is difficult to see how any thiking person could justify the establishment of a country by a foreign people at the expense of an indigenous population.

God doesn't sanction agression. God's "chosen people" are those who have faith and act righteously. "By the fruits of their deeds ye shall know them."


In response to the post above - Jews are every bit as indigenous to the area as Arabs. Any reading of history will confirm this. The mis-information to the contrary is part of the Palestinian incitement machine, which has many other hateful manifestations. Re radical Islam and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - the post which says there is little relation is incorrect.
Israel was rejected and attacked in wars of attempted annihilation since its first days. The "noble cause" was a pan-Arabism. This failed doctrine practiced by nation states has now morphed into "radical Islam", and additionally practiced by non-state proxies. (see the charter of those peace-loving Hamas folks regarding Israel and Jews). So it is incorrect that there is little relationship - only that the relationship is relatively recent.
Finally, Obama's pro-Israel statements are not reflective of some sort of "manipulation", rather they reflect the overwhelming position of Americans and their representatives. This is due to Israel's core values as a pro-modern, pluralistic democracy, faithfully allied with the US. The gleeful bloodthirsty celebrations in Gaza after the murder of 8 religious students; the thousands of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza after Israel's withdrawal, showing what Palestinians would do when left to their own devices, helps inform this position.
Stop drinking the kool-aid of the Palestinian victimization narrative and take an educated look at the situation.

Phil Brewster

I have to question anything which Sen. Obama says regarding his religious affiliation. When first questioned, he simply says he is not a practicing muslim. As the issue became more insistent, he claimed he's been a practicing christian for some time. Then as the issue was pushed further, he finally acknowledged a christian church as his own. When the church's ideals are questioned, he then claims that he was "never present" for any of these hateful surmons. Come on people. This church publishes CD's and DVD's with these racist (yes I said African-americans can be racists)and hateful messages. These are clearly the core ideals of this church, and he has to be in some agreement in order to attend there for 20 years. if religion doesn't matter, as Obama has claimed several times, then why has he not been forthcoming with these truths? Why has he done everything possible to avoid discussing it? If religion truly doesn't matter, then why does he lie about his? These are the questions which any supporter of this man should ask themself. Do we really want a man for president who has already lied to us?


Do you think his supporters, who fawn and faint at his every empty cliche, really care if he lies? With every time he utters "change" and "hope" they swoon, with every promise of "redemption" they exalt. He makes them "feel" good. Your suggestion that they actually "think" may be too much to ask of the followers of the Obamessiah. Maybe now that the press has ended their embarassing love affair with him the public will come down to earth and hold him to some standards, though the glorification of his "race" speech does not suggest this is the case.



I don't understand how Jews of recent Eastern European descent are "every bit as indigenous" as Arabs that have lived in the region for generations. A 2,000 year-old historical/religious claim to the land cannot justify what's going on.

Have you read "The Lemon Tree" by Sandy Tolan? There are some pretty incredible statistics in there that I think tell the whole story:

1. The Jewish population in Palestine quadrupled from 1922 to 1936 as a result of Zionist organizations transporting boatloads of Jews from Europe.

2. When the UN announced its participation plan to form the state of Israel in 1948, they awarded 55% of the country to the Jews, who owned only 7% of the land at the time and who were only 1/3 the population.

No wonder the Palestinians had/have a problem with it. In all honesty, wouldn't you?

Please don't try to tell us that a highly respected journalist and researchers like Sandy Tolan has the facts wrong or is part of that powerful media juggernaut you call the "Palestinian incitement machine." Let's not forget who controls the media in this country when it comes to the Middle East conflict. I think everyone here knows it isn't the Palestinians. LOL!


Obama is right. White people are the devil.

jeff buderer


Its a over-simplification to say that everything about the mainstream media and society is biased. However there do appear to be some major blinders that seem to limit the way most Americans see the world. Of course every society has this, but I think for progressives in USA, we hold our nation to a higher standard, because of all the self-congratulatory rhetoric about how free and special we are as Americans. The fact that the mainstream discourse on politics and society seems so lacking in substance is increasingly frustrating to many of us in what is supposed to be the world's freest society.

Obama's pastor's speech seems to many of us more truthful than is politically correct or proper to admit or even consider in discussion. For those of us who consider the long history of reporting about the treatment and mistreatment of people in the lower class of which blacks in the USA are disproportionately represented, it is hard to completely reject Rev Wright's comments. What Wright was really speaking to was the fact that 1 out of 3 young black men have been to prison. What is wrong with the idea that someone can convince this country on a war campaign to can hundreds of billions when in fact is has nothing to do with the so-called War on Terror, and while our national needs grow. The poor only face cutbacks as many inner cities further crumble into wastelands.

Only those callously and comfortably removed from that reality (mentally, physically or both) can easily reject what Wright has said and consider him a racist wacko.

I do feel the problem is that there is a lack of real political courage to go beyond speaking what is convenient to assure support from influential upper and middle class groups (such as the pro-Israel lobby) and to appeal to those who are hungry for a real discussion about issues that transcends our pet biases, sacred cows and necessary illusions to embrace a more authentic vision of what a collective America could and should be. If we could only see that the sustainability of this union is not driven by policy wonks and their quantitative methods and statistics, but rather a since and authentic movement and desire for change that materializes at all levels of society.

We need to reclaim the mantle of political leadership from those who seek to keep a real discussion from illuminating the real issues of the day.

A leadership is needed to elevate the political, social and economic discourse in this nation. And we can no longer see this as just an issue of one nation because of the impact we 6.5 billion human beings now have on each other.
Therefore, we must acknowledge in this movement that it is not just the hunger of the people in this nation, but of the entire world.

Abercrombie and fitch outlet

As you stated, it's clear that many people were misleading some people, and from the very beginning.

max tn

Do as you would be done by.*

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