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This blog seen in China (for now)

I’m celebrating, of sorts. For the first time in maybe a year, this blog and others on the typepad.com host can now be seen within China. They are no longer blocked.

Why did the blocking suddenly end? I have no idea. Someone just flicked a switch. One could go nuts trying to figure such things out. Of only one thing am I certain: The ban wasn’t targeted at my blog. I’m just a bystander in all this. There must have been an aggregate of questionable blogs in the censors’ eyes that caused the blocking.

And how long will this Prague Spring last? I’m totally uncertain. It could be a few hours, maybe longer.

On an unrelated matter, check out this website in Canada on six Chinese-made car clones that are knockoffs of famous Western models. Scroll down a bit to see the side-by-side photos. Hat tip to the always interesting danwei.org for pointing the way to this site.


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Again you are an ass. I am intolerant? This is not my blog, so all I am doing is expressing my opinion while you express yours, I don't control what you say and I don't tell you what you can't say. If I were deleting BS from you from my own blog simply because I don't agree with you then your accusation would have been more valid. You are entitled to yours and I am entitled to mine. So who is to say who is intolerant of "viewpoints,observations and opinions differing from your own"? Your own bias with regard to China is not "deeply ingrained"? Give me a break you sick cynics!

I am anti-semitic? How?


mmm antisemitism...
there really should be a Chinese version of that, given the general trend in western opinion these days.

As far as the internet censorship goes, I can confirm that at least for Guangdong, this site has been reachable up till this January. When did the blocking begin? The max of 8 months (from Jan till now) is a stretch from a year Tim.


Pffefer you are a mean spirited clown.The intolerance you display of viewpoints,observations and opinions differing from your own deeply ingrained sick dogma certainly puts you in the running for "Blog Bigot" of 2008 (Beijing Division). The anti-semitic part revealed itself last time we exchanged words...just a portion of the bias that pulses through your blood. Keep Marvin the Neanderthal close and you'll be fine.


Stan you are an ass. Me anti-Semite? Ha, your Aryan Nation scums wouldn't take me in.



I have forwarded your confession to the appropriate authorities. Keep on rocking till they come knocking! Btw a fellow anti-semite (Pffefer) revealed himself recently on this blog...check him out...even Neanderthals like you need someone to have and to hold. I think the two of you will make a lovely couple.


Blocking policy is not by province with the exception of HKSAR and Macau SAR, and Taiwan.

Marvin L Foushee

I admit it, I am the anthrax postal terrorist, and I work for the FBI—totally, Neanderthal.


Its about freaking time... 4 years ago, I still have to use proxys and route all over the world to access some forums and blog, when I was in China, and it was freaking slow...


@Shenqh @Marvin

Both of you have all the characteristics of a Neanderthal...Hairy,scary and dim witted.

Marvin L Foushee

Now that you are unblocked, are Grandmother's teeth going to get any whiter, 101900, to show to little Red Riding Hood?


With what is happening in Wall street and what happened in Beijing Olympic games, Chinese government is getting more confident that its citizens will be unlikely foolished by western media. The time for west to lecture China how to run a sustainable developing society is over.

Liar Liar

Each province has its own blocking policy. That's why some can gain access while others can't.


Same here (from Canada) - about a month 河北 no problems.


I subscribe to this blog via RSS feed in Australia - I have been in Shanghai for a couple of weeks and have had no trouble accessing it (or anything else for that matter). Let's hope it stays that way!

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