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January 14, 2007


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Dr. P. Sword

Tell them to fuck off! Stay where you want to petal.


What is a mother without her children and what is the children without their mother?Leave now so that question will not have to be asked.


What is a mother without her children and what are the children without their mother? Leave now so neither will have to ask that question.

David Williams

I agree with the other posters. You must go as soon as you can. Your life, and the life of your children, is worth much more than your career. There are many communities of Iraqis elsewhere in the Arab world. Be safe ... good luck. You have my prayers.


Leave. There is nothing more important than your children. No one can replace you. everything else is just stuff.
Go now.


How can I offer advice from the safety of my home in the US? All I can say is I wish I could help you. I hope you can find a way to protect yourself and your children and pursue your career. But, you must act in the interest of your safety and that of your children above all else. I admire your courage.

Brian Baird

Maybe you should leave with your children, for the children's sake. It will take courage to leave I am sure. But do it for them. There are many places you can go I am sure. I would help Iraqi families if I knew how. Thank you for your work and your enlightening words.

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