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February 23, 2007



Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing this. And for your reporting. God speed.


There is a thing people do on blogs that I've never done before, but I must do it now.

(((Dulaimy))) That is a blog hug.

I will hold you in my prayers as I try to hold all in your unhappy country where my country has so dishonoured itself.


As terribly dificult as this must have been to live through and chronicle - it is vitally important that such stories be told. The world needs to know what is going on.


my dear..what i read really broke my heart.
The pain that you feel,i can feel it deep in my heart,and i wish it's just like fairy tails that we can erase the pain within seconds.Just want you to know. We share the same pain.What you said is what i see or hear.May God protect you.

I write this to you from the real hell.Iraq


Thank you for writing, Dulaimy. Thank you for telling us, who live so far away, what's happening in your home and what's happening in your heart because of what you've witnessed. Your work, and your words, are important. As Americans, especially, we need to know the truth and understand the terrible human toll this war is taking on everyone, but the Iraqis most of all.
You are very courageous.



We have something we say to each other on a blog where I post and the people there care about each other very much. When someone is experiencing distress like the death of a loved one we say to them A on P. It means "angels on your pillow." We say it so the person knows we love them and want them to feel safe inside something larger than this physical world. Know that we wish you and all the people in Iraq, A on P. Nobody should be alone with these memories and sorrow. We want to share all of them you are ready to write about here, again, A on P.


Please don't be sorry that you wrote this down. It is unbearable that this is happening. The least the rest of us can do is bear witness to what you are saying. We need to know. I wish we could stop this. I echo what Laura says, and I ask all the people I know to read your blog, so they know what is happening. Thank you for writing it down. Your work is absolutely vital.


Please please keep writing. Don't be alone with these memories. I read these postings over and over, and so wish I could do more and say more--instead, I am an invisible witness, someone trying to feel your experiences, wishing somehow, hoping somehow, that if I can feel a bit of what you and others are going through, that will in some way lighten your suffering. You're not alone. People you don't even know care that these things happen to you, happen to others. Take good care, Dulaimy. I am thinking of you and of Sahar constantly.

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