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August 24, 2007



The Iraqis said No in '91 simply because simply put they had hope for a US intervention in their favor.


Having now read the article by Fadel and Dulaimy about the trial in Iraq and all the emotions that's bringing up for the Shi'a regarding what happened after the first Gulf War, that blog entry that was deleted makes more sense. I certainly can see how Iraqis felt betrayed and then were slaughtered. Believe it or not, people in the US were also horrified. There was great bitterness over why we couldn't march to Baghdad at that time. The reason given was the fear of unleashed sectarian violence. What was feared then is exactly what you are living with now.
As for your government, the entire system that was set up is flawed. The consitution written is extremely flawed. Nobody can lead Iraq given that framework. No leader has succeeded to date. At the moment, there are areas of Iraq that function better than others. They are city/states if you will.
So far the only person I've read quoted in Iraq who makes any sense is Suleiman and someone like him can't become Prime Minister to run the government, because your constitution only permits a Shiite to have that job. Please, Iraqi people, find who in your country you can trust no matter what tribe they are from and give them the chance to lead you out of this mess. It will never be the US to build a country for you. Do as you did when the soccer team won. Join together to build something your government is paralyzed to do. Find a way to let the militias know your patience has totally run out with them and you are taking back your country. Send that message to Tehran and anyplace else in the world you think should hear it. Believe me, the American people want Iraqis to take back their country and run it for themselves. THe US troops would love nothing more than to see a stable Iraq so they can all go home.
Someone I knew from Beirut once told me, "the star always shines." Find out who are your stars in Iraq and let them lead your country. This shouldn't be based on religion, age, gender, etc... It should only be based on skill. Who would you want defending you in a sword fight? A Sunni, a Shi'a or someone regardless of religion, sect or class, who is very very good with a sword? "The star always shines." Look for your stars. Begin today.

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