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August 03, 2007


red rider

would it be better for te coalition forces to just seal off iraq. let everyone in it fight it out. and when the last man is standing, open it up again?

Rebecca del Rio

I'm reminded of the times I've felt tempted to advise or suggest and my wiser friends ask me, "Were you asked for your advice, your suggestions?"

Before the war started, no one asked the Iraqi people--no one asked you, my friend-writer--if this war was what was wanted, needed. Still now, no one asks what's wanted, what's needed.
Another irony of this insanity.
I will continue to pass your stories on so that others will witness. Maybe if enough of us tell your story, someone in power will feel compelled to ask, "What do you want? What do you need? How can we help you?" And maybe they will act on it--instead of their preconceived ideas, motivated by self-interest.
We can only hope...


I read something in the New York Times about some of the projects that were built by the US and could be handed over to the Iraqi government, such as a power plant, have been refused by the Iraqi finance minister. They have been turned over to private people who it's unclear if they can even run them or care for them properly. Many others are left to decay. Others are reported to have been built badly and can't be used at all. We have spent billions of dollars on this Iraq "reconstruction." Meanwhile, our own US infrastructure is in bad shape, with no money to pay for the repairs. We just had a bridge collapse in a large US city during rush hour over the Mississipi River. We have these infrastructure failures like what happened in New Orleans during hurricaine Katrina. There was a giant sink hole recently in downtown Manhattan due to pipes that are just too old and need replacing.
I don't know what the answer is other than it's obvious the current leadership in Iraq isn't providing real leadership for the Iraqi people. The soccer team winning showed the Iraqi people can come together. It's the politicians, tribal sheiks and various thugs running amok in your country who are ruining life in Iraq.
Somebody should have asked you first what sort of country you wanted. It probably would have prevented the entire war. Sadly, power crazy people don't listen to anybody. They sure aren't listening over here, either.


I had a professor once who was fond of saying: "the helping hand strikes again!" It was a way of warning us to be sure we understood that 'help' can be harmful. While there may be some misguided help in this situation, I think for the most part, it's a case of many hands helping themselves--looting the wealth and treasures of nations. Unaccounted for millions of dollars spent on shoddy, unusable building projects. Millions and millions of gallons of oil belonging to the IRAQI PEOPLE, shipped out unaccounted for--and the revenue from it, likewise unaccounted for.

The U.S.--we, the people and our government--have a lot to account for--in making this mess; in letting companies exploit the situation; in fostering corruption.

But right now, RIGHT NOW--human beings are without electricity and without safe drinking water. As fellow human beings, let us do something helpful and right. Please consider sending a donation to the International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies, earmarked for Iraq. You can reach them for information or to donate here: http://donate.ifrc.org/

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