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October 11, 2007



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linda spurlock

Please educate me. What is a blast wall? Also, the unemployment, please correct my mind if what I have read is incorrect. I have read that the umemployment is largely due to the fact that before the war, most men worked for the government or received a government check, so they have no education or training. True? Please don't be offended, I am only trying to get the truth. We have alot of media in America, each projecting their portion of the truth. We are also told you do not have electricity, because when it come online, someone blows up the controls again. True?


helloo mr. laith iam iraqi girl and stille in iraq until now so i can see what you talk about this blastwall makes the iraqi feel like strange people in their country and cause pain for us so there is no penefit of it except it eats our street day after day


Hello. I am working on my paper for school. I am a student of American University in Prague. I would like to write about Ramadan in Iraq. Could you write something about celebration of Leid? How much is it affected by the political situation and the atmosphere in Iraq? Tahnk You very much. Yours Sincerely Anna.

John Doe

Is there any effort to offer public works jobs, like building homes or redeveloping areas within Baghdad, by the United States or the Iraqi Government? And is it feasible, in your opinion, with the violence taking place, to try and initiate those types of public works?

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