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October 16, 2007



When I was a young child, the boys in my neighborhood used to play war with actual old WWII memorabilia. Movies about WWII were still a big deal as well. Eventually, those boys moved on to other things. Playing cowboys and indians was also about guns and violence. I suppose it's been handed down through the ages, this type of play.


al_salam alaikom mr.liath iam glad to read your story after(it`s only bad luck)not only bagdad streets are crowded but all iraqi street are crowded with happy people in iraq it`s strange to see the people walking in the night about(9:00 PM) and this remembering you in the days before war iam asking the god to keep the safty and security .. about the second picture all of them notice that my small brothers took (al-eedyia)from my father and bought plastic weapons and made like areal battle in the garden for bad luck this is danger thing thanks for all

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