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November 21, 2007


billy b

how are we to build a new humanity? reverece for life.existence depends more on
reverence for life than the law and the prophets.reverence
for life comprises the whole ethic oflove in its deepest and highest sense. its the source of constant renewal for
the individual and for mankind
albert schwietzer


Life is so short and yet Religion and Power is the death of so many.



Sorry about your friend - I am British and have Kidney Cancer since 1998 and Bladder Cancer since 2002. Do pass your friend my eMail & URL if I can help.

I would be happy to provide moral support to your friend and may well have contacts near his hospital who can perhaps help - if only his peace of mind that whatever his creed or colour he is NOT alone.

It is always the inocent who suffer when caught up in the corruption, evil, greed and self importance of the political scum that always seems to rise to the top - the excrement of humanity like Blair, Brown, Bush, Cheyney, Straw, Rumsfeld and their sordid dishonerable corrupt ilk.

I first landed in both Basra & Bagdad on the river in a BOAC Flying Boat in about 1949!! To this day I remember the bustle and noise of the smiling faces as we boarded the launch to our hotel etc. etc.

You may find that http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article11799.htm James Blunt is of some comfort as our mad priests take extreme positions and our politicians bring shame on us NEVER forget our peoples are not enemies - merely victims of circumstance.

Good Luck and may you and yours survive in some dignity.

Greg L-W.
You will find my details at my URL.

Kelly B

After you have mastered cutting the 20lb turkey, and placing it along side the dozens of other dishes, crowded end to end, on the Thanksgiving table, and all heads bend in prayer to thank their God for such good fortune as the roof over their heads, and their beloved ones gathered around them, maybe someone will pray to their God to remember those he has left behind.

I do not believe in God, nor will I. But, I must believe in humanity, because it is only through humanity, and those of us not hungry for blood, can this senseless killing stop.

To the author is this article, I only hope that humanity will find you, and your beloved people, in time. I can only promise you that I will continue to verbally wage a war against those who care little for the greatest gift of all - life.

Salam alaikum.


I am sorry for your loss.


I am so sorry.

Chris Baker

It's essential to honor Ahmad and so many others by keep moving forward, because Iraq needs to stand for reconciliation and progress in the face of enormous tragedy. Some of Iraq's leaders seem to understand that but not all.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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