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December 29, 2007



Hi Jenan, I hope you know that there was a wonderful article in the NY Review of Books written about everything that you and your fellow journalists have been doing in Iraq (http://www.nybooks.com/articles/20934). Iraq is on the front page of newspapers and websites in America everyday, so much so that some have become numb to the suffering that is described every day and some (like me) can't bring ourselves to read about it anymore, because it is painful to read about so much senseless suffering without the ability to do anything meaningful to help. I am very torn in a way, because I have friends in the US army who have either been in Iraq or will be, who I went to high school and college with, who I know as very good, kind people, and it frightens me that they may not be so good or kind over there, but I feel disloyal if I do not give them the benefit of the doubt. I am Chinese and with the tension between the US and Chinese govvernments nowadays, I find it hard to know what to trust - because Western newspapers inevitably have their political and ideological spin and propaganda and Chinese newspapers have theirs. Even facts and statistics don't always seem solid, not because they are made up, but because I wonder for each fact that supports 1 view, how many could be dub up to support the other. Half-truths, the sin of omission is so common in the news nowadays. But thank you for bravely and candidly writing in this blog every day - these subjective, personal accounts of human experience are incredibly important fragments in our piecing together of truth on this side of the world. Take care and God bless.


Dear Jenan,later when time passes you will discover a painful truth which might break your heart just like mine. Journalists here in Iraqi , now just like a scape goat , if a journalist would be kidnapped and he works for a foreign or local paper , he will worth nothing and no one would pay a penny to save him. Journalists now in the middle between Iraqis hatred and fear as well to the hate of the American troops.

May God protects you.

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