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January 10, 2008



ok..so you want conspiracy??!!
huh...you want it conspiracy??
george doin' nancy...
laura lookin'
bill and hillary watchin'
video's..private of monica'
you boy..jckin'it jig think'n
bout it. haha
jigthinkn' bout it.
yah'all got it george fetish.
haha...george fetish..haha
yal'all so fuc ed up...


haha...oh goody..
gonna' get off my fat oil rich ass..haha...
my fat lazy oil rich ass...
green azz ...mutha...
lzy..gd fr nothin..greens..
you soo funy..and lzy..
nobody listenin' to you
cept me and my fat oil rich ass..hahaha


perma burma..
wash bag..
couple a' lazy azz..
good fer nuthin'..
nuthinz..doin' nuthin'
fer nobody...hahah
what a bunch a ji...
haha...wwhwawt a bunch ji...


whawt a bunvch a dumb ass hicks... stupid conscpiracy
crap...grow up..
the u.s. is not in Iraq fiting Iraqi..
the u.s. is in Iraq defending Iraqi..
have any of ya'all dumb ass
think to ask the majority.??.
oh..COURSE..ya'all dumb ass
pelosi'...george did that too. hahahha...bunch a dumb ass
motha's sandy..haha


Back at you I hope some of you get off your fat rich asses and answer my last comment yeah cut it up with typos but read the lines and figure it out. Well the bush is no longer going to burn. a new day and president will change the legacy of chaos. Us has been set back another 10yrs in debt. Who going to pay yeah you rich ass fat guys your greedy stock is falling and your sub-prime minority loans failed again.
Pimp the the darkies that how you all do. Yeah use name calling were use to that trick, angry person no just do what is right and quit robbing folks. You put a negro in jail for stealing a 75 cent candy bar but you stole a whole people and made them work for free wow then the woke up oppps.
Well I guess this Blog shit is for fags that do not reply Bye your some boring ass folks take some viagra cause your wives need something. Later suckers


Realy we know as a whole why Ameriac is in Iraq to get the Oil and do not how to do it. Well just think if Americans seen how the so-called coalition forces destroyed Iraq. Naive as they are Americans only see how some American soldiers help Iraqi children or some family. We know Conquer and always works it still has its chilling effects in Africa. The Iraqi people should determine there own future just like us Americans.
Get Educated and sell the Oil to the West, feed your land and stop pointing fingers at anyone just do the correct thing and help your people rise. Iraq has the largest oil reserve in the world and I am not saying be like the Saudi's but at least learn there way to help your nation. Oh we run around and Soldiers die everyday and they tell us oh your protecting America yeah there interest the Oil interest also the main one who tahnk soldiers are the ovepaid fat lazy contractors or the rich folks who sons never been to war. Yeah thank you fool so my daughter do not have to die.
Well take this however but know this "When One Man/Woman is not Free noone is Free" it may either MLK or Malcolm X who said it but it is true. Yeah we cannot feed the world but educate the world and you say global not it western Global. Japan, China actually out smarted the West and they will rise. Modern Failed European Countries opps Russia last time I checked they are white so they fail too. America lost Vietnam and look we not even close to winning this fast and furious Like Gengis Khan he was a fool to. Shock and Awe Blinded them and there is Shook UP and Dismayed at a rag tag military who baffeles you also got smoked by Somalia africans. Well it a free country and do not get mad but use your brain. Use to advance not destroy and suck up all the minerals you can from the poor countries. Smarte Than A Fith Grader at least 5th graders learn how to share and not be a hog. Bye I have no agenda but the truth from Jesus Christ Our Lord and saviour if I am wrong for what I said so then deal with it. See Yeahhhhhhhhhh


Another story with lots of subtleties: what's REALLY with the new de-baathification law? Stateside, it's being billed as a success. Is it? DO former Baath party members feel it's a good thing? Will it further reconciliation? Or is this more War party window dressing?


thank you and all McClatchy staff for trying to get the news out - I help do a radio news program, and we will sometimes us articles put out by McClatchy. We edit them down quite a bit, due to time constraints, but at least it is something. We always credit you. And I also link to McClatchy on my Iraq blog -

Everyone who works with me on either of these two projects knows and respects McClatchy.
(and before that, Knight-Ridder).

You guys, all of you, are awesome. Thank you.


Another reader still here, still eager to try to understand. We in the US will owe you folks reparations forever -- and we almost certainly won't pay up.


For those of us paying attention, the story has lost none of its intensity. Too many questions abound. Where is the missing oil/money? Who is benefitting from the chaos? What is being gained/lost by the stalling and posing (in two countries)?

The chaos that has been spread in Iraq is not accidental. The loss of the college-educated professionals, the destruction and disruption of universities, the deprivation caused by lack of food, water, medical treatment, education, electricity: these serve a purpose. Iraq is being plundered. Who are the players? Who will step up and demand an end to these outrages? Some answers are known but suppressed too much. Others are yet to be discovered. And it is incumbent on us all to listen/read/learn/discover/share and demand accountability and change.

Peace and safety be with you Sahar, and with all Iraq.

How I wish that peace would fall on Iraq as gently and easily as snow fell on Baghdad today. (And that it would remain and never melt.)


I'm still hear reading the story, Sahar. I hope you and all the McClatchy staff there have a safe, healthy and more prosperous new year. May all your dreams come true!

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