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January 29, 2008



Wolf, How will Americans learn about corruption, then, if not for outlets like this blog?
I appreciate the source information.

jack bales

I have been under the impression that the corruption in Iraq has been for the most part stopped. Imagine my suprise to hear from Iraqi individuals that this is not only still going on, but it being used by the very government put in place by the US to stop it. I guess the example of the Bush administration is just too overwhelming not to be emulated by nations entrenched in violence because of intervention by a corrupt,greedy, and false purposed based rational.


Waste of time? In other words, lets forget about Iraq! If it weren't for blogs like this one and the efforts that these bloggers are using, you would eventually be wearing brown shirts and maybe that is what you want to do.
Now- a question for the bloggers-- How about Basra? What is the situation there at the present time?

Wolf Vorkian

This blog is a waste of time. Americans are too ignorant about the world to understand corruption.Even the more sophisticated gomers think it is something like paying a cop off for a speeding ticket. Of the billions being blown over there, I wonder what the cut is between the American Corps like Halliburton ( Brown & Root), Princes' Blackwater, etc. and Iraqi big shots?

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