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March 26, 2008


Deditha M. Rosalejos

I am saddened to what has long happened in your country, Iraq , too. I wish and pray that war in your country will end soonest. What your country needs is democracy in the real since of the word and Christ like love and forgiveness and healing like the most Christian countries enjoy and have these days with prosperity love and peace abiding in their abodes.

It is not your war only, it is a war to every peace loving people living on earth
in any country of the world represented by the Allied Forces in every country in Europe , America and Asia that are now protecting you and your countrymen together with your military police forces.

Because , we love the peace loving people in Iraq, we tried to help your war, the war on terrorism. A barbaric kind of war, because even the innocents , harmless and not even their enemy died and maimed and shock not only the more than 4,000 patriots and the heroes of the USA and Allied forces , who willingly bleed and died in your country so that others may live peacefully even not their relatives and not their countrymen and not even a peace loving Christian like them and their relatives and countrymen . A Christ love, caring and healing example that the war like Muslims should learn to live with.

This warlike Muslims should never think that they alone are worthy to live in this part of the world, God has given us a beautiful world to live by , peacefully, lovingly without prejudice whether of race or religion. The earth suffer also, because of destruction ,ruins and pollution in land and seas
brought to the firearms and deadly ammunitions and bombs used by these evil men and people dead and shock and maimed.

They should abandon their firearms and ammunitions and mass killing instruments and learn to make friends and love their enemy who did not even knew them, and mind them, unless they harm other people for they never have the rights
to kill human beings, God , even Jehova or Allah has never approved this unneeded sufferings for his people of all race because of tyranny of others who has the position of deadly weapons and of no importance to their life and others and were never authorized to do so. For only Government soldiers police enforcement officers are authorized to hold firearms for good and justice not for terrorism and abused .


I am also sorry for the most womens in Iraq and other Muslim countrys whose freedom are restricted to decide for themselves unlike Christian women who were empowered by thier men and family to live and exist with equal freedom to the husbands and sons and brothers, to be educated and practice their professions, kept and save their own income or salary for them to enjoy their fruits of labor, to travel without restrictions and transact business with other counter parts , to vote
as long as they are within the bounds of moality and right action.


deditha, from the Philippines

Dwight D. Leister:Chair

Get a grip , this is a WAR ZONE!


Looking at news sources here (America) the strikes are being portrayed not a something that is being forced upon the Iraq people by Sadrists (like you say and I believe) but as mass demonstrations that the Shiite population are voluntarily participating in. What the hell did my government think would happen when we propped up thousands of Sunni fighters for the surge? The Sadrists seeing their power being challenged are going to break the cease-fire....sometimes it seems the actions of my government are designed to further divide the Iraqi people and keep all of you beat down.

My mom suffers from Multiple sclerosis and all our family members help out making sure she makes medical appointments, pharmacy trips, etc...I can't even imagine what it must be like to care for a sick love one in war zone.

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