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March 20, 2008


tony elsayed

Look what Bush has to done to the usa and iraq unbeliveable mayhem caused our economy to be well on its way to crashing here in the U.S. and made Iraq a country that used to be beautiful with nice green, lakes, huge hotels and buildings, great people, a hell hole-a warzone if thats not a act of crime then i really dont know what is


my dad going in 2009 im worried so what do i do

baffled 45

So many of us in the U.S.A. pray for all of you and are truly sorry for your suffering and at the same time, pray for our military and the alliances who are there really to make a better and safer Iraq. There are sacrifices on both sides.

Dwight D. Leister:Chair

If you think its was bad then and now just wait until The United States Forces leave; when we return it will NOT be on FOOT!

I suggest you work to fix the problems in your country so that we can leave you in control of your OIL RICH COUNTRY !


I am very lucky to leave in a peacefull contry (still), but as a human been and cristian i cant be indiferent to this injustice or any other around the world. Too Much has been done misleaded and wronglly based on "moral and good will" is more real to say "lack of moral and personal interest of power"...people and countries wich doesnt believe on God, even though ther money said they trust him!...we are going to a point of no return and i pry for all of us to not allow our souls to be lost as well as our lifes


when will it all end. sorry hardly say what i feel for the destruction if iraq and the iraqi people. i will say it anyway..sorry a million times.

so much shame for my country.


What is the answer to this war? If the USA goes away, will all out war start between Iraq people? Can neighbors, Iran and onthers establish a peace/police force for the country?

And, how do you drill or dig a well there? Is the underground water near the surface?


alsalam alaikom Mr.Hussian thanks 4 your full and real discribtion to what happened before 5years ago. Each iraqi was ready to that war but was afraid from it`s results (No one expected the rapid removal of saddam and his followers )My family was one of the iraqi families that began 2 store the food and dig the well and protect our selves from chemical weapones (u forgot that `cause we believed that saddam could do anything 2 protect him self RIGHT?????) .So today after 5 years with our recording :millions of iraqi outside their countries ,more than them was killed ,others was kidnapped,finally we must thank the God that we are alive until now!!!!!!!thanks 4 your efforts

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