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May 09, 2008


Chris Baker

If the Iraqi military shut down the radio station there might be a reasonable complaint, however a media report on the raid said the US military actively participated. Therefore my guess would be the raid was conducted primarily for intelligence purposes, probably something being broadcast from the station that should not have been. You can probably easily modify a radio signal to send intelligence information without the listeners being aware of it. The media report said the Sadrists directly blamed the American military.


Yes Jenan, Iraq's burgeoned media institutions are still sacrificing and none of the politicians pays attention.

And more unfortunately, Iraqi journalists are not falling victims as a result to the ongoing conflict but also victims to their employers with no rights guaranteed or being treated in an humiliated way by some media companies.

And I think we all should focus on that from now on.

Kristie Mansfield

Is there any relation to this radio being shut and the BBC office in Bagdad being bombed?


I hope the politicians hear you, Jenan. And I hope that ordinary citizens also listen and talk together about this idea. Freedom is speech is fundamental to democracy, yet people everywhere have such a hard time accepting that ideas we disagree with--ESPECIALLY ideas we disagree with-- need to be expressed. Voltaire may have said: "I disapprove of what you said, but I will defend to the death your right to say it:" too often, though, people are content to allow voices they don't care for to be stifled. Ignoring--as you point out--that some day, there will be no voice speaking out for THEM.

I am thankful for YOUR voice.

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