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June 18, 2008



Thanks as always for the helping us to see your life. We weep with you at the injustice of what has happened. I share your story with my small band of readers in the US. You are being heard.


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I lived with adopting family in Ekaterinburg in the place of killing Royal Romanov family.Why? Who from my own family is a queen? My own grandmother? Or what does it means? Adress was Moskowskaya street 9-31.In Moskowskaya street 9-20 lives Hussein family with daughter Aleksandra. My real name is Anna-Kristina-Aleksandra.What does it means? Who really have aggression against muslims countries and against Irag and Hussein? I know that my own grandfather Naum was muslims friend. And when he invest his money in Russia he took gold as financial guarantee. May be in Iraq and near Hussein my enemies searching that gold?

I am the daughter of the man, who had a symbol in Vatican and whose face is identical to Joann Paul II. In Italy he is known as Tata Giovanni ( Father Giovanni) .He lived in Rome and worked in the USA.I know that everything my relatives had they left as inheritage to me. I need to find, who has management of it in his hands, and which is the state of property and assets. I don,t know how my identity could be hidden, because I have unique right leg, which was disfigured from birth. This is my unique sign, nobody could be mistaken normally in my identification.
Business of my own grandfather-oil and gas, casino and hotels of Las-Vegas. Own father too. During 10 years I was under strong financial pressing. And lived with my younger son for 60 dollars per month. Who became a manager and do that?
Since October of 2001 till 2007 all the force of repressing machine was put on us. I have savage fascism in Lithuania in my own flat and in my own life and life of my son. We came out of there on our four. We have total control. Causes-multi billion assets in-heritage from my own relatives.
In 10 June of 2006 in Diana,s Spencer family house resident of russian special services Aleksandr Lebedev organized a meeting to memorize death of Raisa Gorbacheva. Michail,s Gorbachev wife died 20 09 1999. But 11.06.2006 I celebrated my 50 anniversary. It means all the strange recollecting organized just before my birthday. Why? How it is connected with the fact that 9 months before Raisa Gorbacheva died, 20.12.1998 died Jevgenij Bondarenko-son of Natalia Bondarenko who became also Lopatinska,ja after getting married with my adopting brother. It is she who is used to get my money without my agree nor acceptance. Who helped her?

Bush, Primakov visiting Lithuania they organized "accidental" meetings with me and my son. First used his security officers, second by himself. 11.03.2008 Poland visited Hosni Mubarak. 14.03.2008 we were proposed to leave Poland. We were getting by auto-stop in Italy. As well as we arrived to Italy, to Italy came Putin, who visited Poland and came to Berlusconi. What does it means? They have my money and business? They robbed me? They were so poor that needed my finances and my incomes?
We live with son at street wearing some floor clothes. Was my father such a bad person? Is he black-mailed in such a way? Where is he now? Multiple applying to Silvio Berlusconi does nothing. What could be this person whom in my childhood I know as Silvia in Italy - my "mother" with wig and with man,s cigarettes, and which I must find if I need a defence and help? Mr.Berlusconi became prime minister of Italy 11.06.2001. My "mother" became prime minister but I have no my finances and incomes till now. Till now I dont know where is the graves of my own mother Dora and own grandfather Naum. And where is theres houses one of which I know as The Swallow's Nest (Lastockino gnezdo) near sea not far near Rome.
I know that part of finances former soviet agents transferred to someone in England. After queen Elizabeth and his husband,s visit to Lithuania (16.10.2006-18.10.2006) 21.10.2006 Hubertas Grusnys was killed, he was owner of radio stations and Lithuanian millionaire, whose radio Lietus a week before told about poisoning with toxicoids me and my son in our flat. In Lithuania for my financing and living my own father gave 10% shares of LUKOIL company to the oil company MAZEIKU NAFTA. For my financing in Lithuania responsible A.Brazauskas, B.Lubys, G.Chapanidze, V.Shkil. Chapanidze in jail since 1996-1997. I was not financed at all. And didn,t ask nobody to sale or to present my finances or shares to anybody. I know that there are most of assets which didn't get in hands of those who robbed me. I have personal individual characteristic by which I can be easely identified - my right leg was disfigured while my mother was pregnant, and I was born with unique diagnosis. After many specific medical operation, my leg became passport which couldn't be forged.I know that Mazheikiu Nafta had 10% shares of Lukoil, may be somebody know why? And where is income from that?
Since 1993 year I was pressed financially at first, I live with my son and we have 60-100$ for month. And even it is well known that a person is dead without money, my attackers didn't stop - since 2001 year I had seven savage attacks on me on a territory of Lithuania - was poisoned with HCl, toxicoids, I was systematically trivially beaten, I had a traffic accident - was hit by a car on the pedestrians on green light for me, poisoned with hallucinogens and with my son pushed out to bogs in winter, where we have spent 3 nights. Those attacks started 19.10.2002-23.10.2002 and 23.10.2002-26.10.2002 in Moskow sterted Nord-Ost.People have the same ilness as me and my son.

All attacks started 3 weeks after twin-towers in the USA were ruined 2.10.2001. They were ruined in 11.09.2001. I was born in 11.06 - month of twins-Gemini. More, the only citizen of Lithuania died in that crush, who was constantly living and working in the USA in twin-towers Jelena-Helen Gavriushina-Melnichenko - her mother was director of the school where my children got education. Jelena Gavriushina mother was born 6 June as Kerkorian.What does it mean? Kerkorian controlled me and my children and for that controlling usage director of the school and her daughter?

When I had been poisoned with hallucinogens I didn't know where to go, and I drew dresses in my diary. I explained myself that when I earn money I put them on myself. How I was surprised when I saw polish Playboy in train, with my dresses-but not in draw, but in result by Chloe and Mexx. Who dared to steal my drawings and sell to the famous agencies of business fashion? Who is responsible for that ? Chloe and Mexx - American and Swiss firms. This is direct contact with that freak who organized me all the savages. Would anybody put stolen drawings in alien firms? Hardly. It means freak severely attacked me connected with the USA and Switzerland. Do I have any heritage in the USA? Who is that freak? Trustee of my property? Curious fact that nor me nor my own father, nor my own grandfather never belonged to business with prostitutes. However prostitutes organized shadow following me, making scandals, other troubles. What does it mean? Trustee of my property is a ponc additionally?

I have been abused like "jewish pig", while others were told about me that I hate Jews. Those all lies should have some reason. Actually, for last year I and my son were beaten 4 times, criminal cases were opened in Lithuania and in Poland. My son was forced to stay in Lithuania during investigation. While we were blocked we were continued to be poisoned by toxins. I or my son were accused in 3 of them. How is it called?! Vile and low-down action. Who answers for that? Who payed for that?
I have a friend in my childhood.Vladimir Vladimirovich Gaper. He was born 6th of June. I know as all people of all countries someone Vladimir Vladimirovich. But who is that my friend born 6th of June? I found that one. In the USA in Las Vegas. Kerkor Kerkorian.
What does it mean?
After reading his biography I saw that Kerkorian owned MGM hotel, casino blown 21.11.1980. Interesting, that all those digits are digits of mine and my children's dates of birth. More, even ID's are the same. That friend was my own father's and own grandfather's manager? Why then the property wasn't returned to me? Interesting that Bill Clinton had a nickname fly. After exact translating to Russian this mean to fly - as a pilot, a flyer. Manager was a pilot, a flyer. Why Bill Clinton, you ask?If bill - is billion, who cleaned billions then? Do you remember what is Bill Clinton wife's name? Hillary Clinton. What is hillary clinton? Hi-Larry-Cleaner. Hello, Larisa who got in fly and cleaned... understand, yes?Monica samille lewinski goes for Bill Clinton 28.2.1997.In adopting family son Sergey Lopatinskiy who with his wife Natalia Lopatinskaya robbed me ,was born 28.2.1962.
What does all it means? Mr. Kerkorian as Mr. Putin and Mr.Berlusconi was so poor that needed my finances and incomes?

Who really have aggression against muslims countries and against Irag and Hussein? And what is the real reason of that? Who and what was lied in such way for starting a war in Afganistan and Iraq.


You forgive to refuse to give hate a refuge.
You forgive to prevent being consumed by anger.
You forgive to have space in your heart to love and laugh.
You forgive to be able to continue to tell the story.
You forgive to give hope to your children.
You forgive because there is no other way.


For the past two years, the numbers of refugees world-wide has increased (following a five year decline in numbers), according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. The number of displaced persons living outside their countries is now estimated at 11.4 million; the increase of 500,000 people in 2007 be attributed largely to problems in Iraq. There are also an estimated 2 million displaced Iraqis living within their country.

Thank you, Sahar, for putting a human face on this experience. It is easy for us to become overwhelmed by the number and to forget what it feels like, what the toll is on individuals and families.

This Friday, June 20 is World Refugee Day. I am making a donation to the International Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies, designating the Iraqi displaced as recipients of my donation. I encourage others to donate to the charity of their choice to help relieve the suffering of refugees.

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