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June 24, 2008



Dear all , thank you so much for the kindly words which written by you on my brother Yasser , I really appreciate that .
Aymen Salihee

Susan - NC

deepest sympathies


My heart goes out to Yasser and his family.


dear Dulaimy and colleagues: I am sorry for the loss of your friend and fellow writer. I honor you, D, for memorializing him as each year passes. You are a loyal friend--and show how friendship doesn't die. I hope in years to come you will be able to tell Yasser's daughter stories of her wonderful father, stories only you possess.
Here's to the time, too, when friends will mourn the losses of dear ones caused only by the ordinary tragedies of mortal life, and not through the senseless, man-made and inexcusable sufferings caused by war. Surely we will learn this lesson someday. Writers like you, telling the truth, help that day draw nearer.

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