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August 27, 2008


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I read this article and just laughed. I really wish I could have spoken with the author directly, but I am humbled and tickeld at such kind words. Thanks! SFC Turner, Brad!

Read more: http://washingtonbureau.typepad.com/nationalsecurity/2008/04/cooking-with-th.html#ixzz0u8axJg4Z


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Paper is probably the biggest source of waste in most offices with the average office worker using up to 50 sheets of A4 every single day

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We should try to make optimum use of our resources.Try to use energy efficient light bulbs - they are more expensive than ordinary ones but last eight times longer, use a quarter of the energy and give the same brightness. This could save more than £100 over the bulb's lifetime


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My two years old son was crying all the time because the poor child can not stand the hot weather.

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I can not describe the pain of my heart when I read the news. I even can not my feelings now.

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I can not describe the pain of my heart when I read the news. I even can not my feelings now.

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nothing as harsh as live in Iraq!

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Hmm, very nice post. You are the first person who said it...I think so. Thank you.

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they better take this money to more important things

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Live in Iraq can be hard but some people have the force to live day after day there

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hii, people just talk, you can shut up this!

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How long should take for the Iraqi people, both children and women have a better ness and respect them?!

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how can your government do something like this!!!
is terrible!

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Which part, did you read at least!!!!!
People keep it strong!!!

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be a woman and live in Iraq , what a luck you have.

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Is Iraq a modern democratic country? does not seem so ...


When Mr. Bush was in command of United States did not notice that he really wanted to help the Iraqi people.

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yes humans are disgusting, I wish I could be something else.

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Excellent post I'd like to know more about Iraq's women and their life.

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The regrettable to see how the people of Iraq is ignored.

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The Iraqi people have other needs! not spend the money on trifles.


So many unnecessary expenditure of money, should heed the real needs of its people.

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I'm sure all the people pleading for a radical change in this country where children can grow in a better environment.

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In this case it is the responsibility of citizens to change the environment but of the rulers.

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How difficult can be converted to a country that has always been in social crisis, a nation of peace!

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This information is very nice I like to know more about other culture.

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Hello guys I believe that women of Iraq have a very hard life and I consider them

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How the hell does this have anything to do with George Bush? or John McCain? Iraq has its own government, and makes its own decisions. This is another ploy by the democrats to paint another falsehood on Bush and McCain.
Obama fans need to find more credible items and stop spreading bs

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I think the Bush administration was not very good, I have more hope with Obama

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Agreed. There is so much more that needs to be done. Hopefully Baghdad will make the right decision.

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i can not believe something like this, is very cruel, how cant they do something like this to the people that chose them. People you have power, try to do something, for the million of children in your country!!

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How many pain women have?

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How many innocent women do suffer and die from the attacks in this country where they're living.

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For this and all the injustices that exist all over the world is that we should thank God for the blessings we have each day and pray for those less fortunate people.

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How can waste money that way having more urgent things??

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If this is a campaign I also agree that the money is used for other needed causes.

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I like so much this part or article... thanks for wrote.. have a nice day!

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