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September 16, 2008



The Iraqi Army is your only hope. No one else in the world will do anything for Iraqis. Most Americans want out now.

The IA is by far the most nationalistic, patriotic, competent, capable, relatively less corrupt (versus everyone else in Iraq), nonsectarian, nonpartisan, and popular institution in Iraq. The IA would win any Iraqi election by a landslide.

I know that some IA have an attitude. I have heard about some real bad apples from Baghdadis. The way to handle the bad apples is to petition the BOC.

The situation you are describing is unclear:

· Was the IA temporarily evacuating some flats? (this would be understandable if there was a security reason, for example a credible bombing threat)
· Was the IA trying to eminent domain some property? If so, why? Was the GoI paying market rates for the property?

You can’t blame the IA for trying to protect Iraqi civilians. The total number of violent attacks per week are down from 1800 to 125 because of the hard work the IA is doing to serve and protect Iraqis. Remember that three times as many IA and IP have been killed by the resistance as MNF-I. The enemies of Iraq are determined to destroy Iraq and murder as many Iraqi civilians as possible. The IA is protecting you and yours from them.


Greeting friends,
I write to share my experience in the United States in the struggle for protecting human rights. I try to help black man thrown through window by the police, and the police crushed my skull, and tasered 500,000-1,000,000 volts of electricity while laughing at me. I went to god, and was judged as the prohet of free will, honesty, entertainment, and protector of human rights, and sent back to earth to share my message. Keep up the hard work in your country to grow together.
best wishes,



Can ask what city and neighborhood this was in?

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