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September 05, 2008


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that is not worry, the troop wrong leaving for a while.

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as non iraqi sitizen it is very interesting to read about what is going over there.

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I agree with the above comment there is no need to worry about the troops leaving for a while

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I remember some shows that i saw is close to what you are saying, but what can we say, Iraq today is in a bad condition and we hope it get better in the next years.

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How in the world will they ever solidify the oil contracts? It seems as if one way or another things are always in turmoil and unrest when it comes to Oil. The only way to get out of this mess is to reduce our own oil consumption and drill locally.

Meanwhile, bring our troops home!

R J Adams

I don't think you have to worry about the troops leaving for a while yet. Not until America has the oil contracts sewn up good and tight. Even when the majority leave, US bases will still be occupied in Iraq.

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