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September 12, 2008


Dixie Copeland

"We Demand the Government" is a fine post and brings to the forefront what some of the world would agree with; those who disagree are either at peace or do not care.

Democracy would be just fine except for the one issue I have with it: 51% of the public had a voice, so what happens to the 49%?. They're left beind and that's where my country is headed fast.

We were established as a Republic where every one had a voice and vote, but's 'history' as we watch more and more of the original government get flushed.

Personally I am so sorry that we are there roosting. I have tried to keep up with this blog and suddenly felt compelled to respond. I too, like you notice "who's" making demands and why; watching the people's demands find their way into a trash head. Sadly I have no answers for either of us; and yet my faith says "hold on." So hold on!



What a world we will have when each one of us demands honesty and best effort from ourselves, or, if we will not do that, then we get out of the way and let those who will take on the work. Think what democracies would look like, if we asked not what our countries will do for us, what will we do for our countries. Or, even better, what will we do for our brothers and sisters in humanity, the world over. May be idealistic. But aren't ideals worth reaching for? Thank you, Laith. Let us never, never, never give up trying to make the world a better place.

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