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November 27, 2008



I am pleased to see the Iraqi
government stand up and assert
its sovereignty by insisting on making decisions regarding their country. I am happy that
Saddam and his two murderous sons are gone. However, the premise for invading Iraq was a lie. Saddam Hussein never presented a threat aaginst the United States - there were
no weapons of mass destruction. Before the 1st Gulf War - yes. The Niger Uranium story before Congress
forever branded Bush as a liar. Believe this, his reasons for invading Iraq had
nothing what-so-ever to do with liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam. He was after Iraqi oil.
President-Elect Barack Obama
wants even a more aggresive
withdrawl plan for a drawdown of US forces in Iraq. I will support that.
My concerns with Iraq are the
deep religious and ethnic divisions in the nation. I know this idea is maybe a very
difficult thing to embrace - but, be Iraqis first and be
Sunni's, Shiites's, and Kurd's
Bush's focus should have been on al-Qaeda and Osama Bin-Laden. Do you know that Bush tried to do everything he could to tie the war in Iraq to what happened on that dark day in September. He concentrated everything on victory in Iraq.
I see this Iraq SOFA pact as
victory. Nothing will please me more than never filling another body bag with a dead
GI or carrying a wounded one
aboard a transport home who is wounded or maimed. I do want the streets in Anwar and
Baghdad to be safe again for Iraqis. How did that thing go?
They step up; we step down.
Well, security this summer is on Iraq. Here is where this is: show the world what the
Iraqi military and police are
about. Iraqis need not kill other Iraqis.....
The withdrawl will not be easy
but I believe that it serves in both the best interests of both the United States and Iraq.
www.oneangryzebra.blogstream.com is my political blog.

I finishing I will state this:
I have a Bible and a Quran. I
read both! There is one God.
How we worship that same God
is what divides us. People, God does not care how we worship him - he cares that we do so and that we love our neighbors as ourselves...

Praise be to God.

Ron Axley
Indianpolis, In


I hope this agreement means an end to foreign troops in Iraq, but I really have my doubts.

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