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December 17, 2008



I hope so.
It seems that the people of iraq finally begins to recover his own country and dignity. The armys exists to take care of the people, serve the people, not vice versa.
from Brazil


The shoe chucker and support for him only demonstrate the fact that Iraqi emotion will always trump common sense and reason. If this doesn't change in Iraq, the educated will continue to leave the country and it will never stabilize. Everyone is angry, Americans and Iraqis alike, about the tragedies of the war. But, it unfortunately appears that Iraqis will always allow untempered emotion to govern their actions and live up to Lawrence of Arabia's observation and remain a silly people. Sadaam would have executed the man on the spot. I guess it's progress that he was only beaten and now will actually get a trial. Ironically, he has Bush to thank for the trial. It is Iraqi culture, however, to crave martyrdom, particularly for the Shia. That won't change. Bizarre.

J. Paerels

Shortly after the last American soldier leaves, or, alternately, when the force presence of American troops drops to a certain level, violence in Iraq will resume and escalate. Why? Because Iraq was never a unified country. France and England created a hodge podge of people -Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites - who were held together by authoritarian power - fear and terror if you will - and have yet to resolve their differences. Bush - one of the worst presidents ever in my opinion - destroyed the structure holding Iraq together, and the chaos will continue into the forseeable future. J P


Wow! It's kinda cool though isn't it?
Doesn't it mean awareness is beginning to tingle through the masses? Awareness of the power those people possess within your country....
I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

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