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December 15, 2008


Robert L.

To the very first comment i say this....Did Bush give them freedom,yes.But did he do it so horribly wrong there was no point in the first place,yes!...To explain,you don't liberate a nation by destroying it,killing the leadership so there is no form of control,and last preach about freedom and democracy but the one time they wanted to do things THEIR way,we have a fit.Bush should of got the shoe up his ass,he is a fool and a lair.I'm not going to front and say that I didn't agree at first after 911,yeah i wanted blood and when he said terrorist and Iraq in the same sentence I was saying do what needs to be done I'm behind ya.Everything was all about WMD's,WMD's,WMD's,then freedom and democracy....What the deuce, who said anything about that.Then that's when I knew everything was a lie.Lets kill thousands of Iraqi's in the name of freedom.And nobody better come up with we wanted oil crap because if that was the case my oil should cost .50 by now,so do give me that we there for oil.We where wrong for going back there,we are wrong for being there at all.America is a superpower because of our military only take that away and we are about as super as France(push overs).We should of been off of oil years and years ago but greed sunk us into the hole.So worried about the fast buck if they would of had any sense they should of been working on another power source one we developed that other people need and something that's made in the USA and not some small village in Honduras paying workers .30 a day.I love my country and wouldn't want to be any where else but if we don't wise up soon about how we do things,i wouldn't give a squirt of pee for this nation for its chances of making it the 20 years.We will still be the land of opportunity though,when people get off the ship they will see that sign,"Welcome to America,Canada's low rent housing district".


well isn't this sweet hate that man that made it possible for an Iraqi to have the freedom to be a journalist and even throw a shoe at the same man. Yet Bush the so called criminal who you claim destoryed Iraq should have had his minders throw that journalists in the human shreader forcing his family to watch. then threw all that cheer about it in next. Is that what Iraqi's want???
Oh wait that the tatic of the ex-madman dictator of Iraq who was the real criminal and DID destory Iraq.
It makes me sick to read this blog knowing that I have supported FREEDOM for the people of Iraq and they have nothing but hate towards those who gave them the freedom to throw a shoe, blog, etc. I get even sicker knowing that my fellow Americans have given their blood, been away from their families and for what?? You think the US troops want to be in Iraq away from their families?? HELL NO but they have honor and will complete their mission and do a damn good job at it.
For Iraqi's to hate us and bitch instead of getting off their butts and turning their country into a free productive country is pretty sad. Bush and the US Military along with the rest of the collation gave Iraq something they have never had nor could give to themselves. But it's not good enough. Well SORRY but it's time for Iraqi's to get with the program because Obama is going to leave you high and dry all on your lonesome as soon as he can. He cares nothing about YOU having FREEDOM. Once US troops pull out if Iraqis haven't gotten with the program you will be back to life with the human shreader, no blogging, no shoe throwing in a matter of months. Iran, AQ, Syria to mention a few on the long list of brutal killers in the ME that can't wait for the US to leave and take over your country. Obama won't stop it and will stand by and watch it happen.
So I will continue to hope that there are many in Iraq that want the freedom they have been given and they will make it work.
You losers on this blog should move to Iran seems like you can't handle freedom and need someone oppressing you to feel complete.
you should be ashamed of yourselves for spitting on Freedom that you would NEVER have tasted without Bush the man you hate.


Happy to see you're business is going down the tubes, well deserved!


McClatchey down 99%. Have any of you asshats looked in the mirror? If that "brave journalist" had done that to Saddam he and his family would have been treated to an acid bath. Maybe he can throw a shoe at Assad or Khamenei and tell us all (from the afterlife) how it all went.


From the Telegraph...http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/3965454/George-W-Bush-winning-the-war-on-terror.html

Ten or twenty years from now, historians will view Bush's actions on the world stage in a more favourable light. America's 43rd president did after all directly liberate more people (over 60 million) from tyranny than any leader since Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Widely seen as his biggest foreign policy error, the decision to invade Iraq could ultimately prove to have been a masterstroke. Today the world is witnessing the birth of the first truly democratic state in the Middle East outside of Israel. Over eight million voted in Iraq's parliamentary elections in 2005, and the region's first free Muslim society may become a reality. Iraq might not be Turkey, but it is a powerful demonstration that freedom can flourish in the embers of the most brutal and barbaric of dictatorships.

The success of the surge in Iraq will go down in history as a turning point in the war.....


Well, I agree with your last sentence at least. One of the Iraqi blogers once said, when the intramural killing began, "We don't deserve it," meaning the liberation.

Why don't you Iraqi liberals stop throwing shoes and insults and build up your country? Before you hightail it out of there and let the next madman take over, that is.


Note to self, never read another McClatchy newspaper.

The idiocy of journalists just never fails to amaze. And I, a simple rube , knows that they shoe chucker was pulling a publicity stunt while you, a crack journalist, think it was spontaneous.

you guys can go screw yourselves. Oops, you already have.


As you write a Bush-bashing piece you're publishing a love letter to Obama in the form of a book. How's that 99% fall in stock price grabbing 'ya? Enjoy the continued collapse.


So Brian, basically you have no balls. Of course you are a journalist so I am not surprised...an idiot one at that.

The Warden

Interesting that all you unbiased journalists hold the same opinions regarding President Bush.

Ahhh, well. Enjoy your layoffs, losers.


You will soon experience another shoe dropping, namely that of your employment coming to a very quick end. It really does appear that the only people who go into j-school are the retards who aren't smart enough to get a degreee in any other field. Good riddance.


I am beginning to think all of those who consider themselves 'liberal, progressive, etc.', who are merely now overt partisan hacks for the corrupt Democrat Party, have absolutely no brains.

The idea "Bush destroyed Iraq" is one of the most mindless conceptions ever produced (except naming Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State).

The denial over the former oppressive Iraqi Dictatorship, which rewarded PLO suicide bombers, has grown to insane delusion with Partisan hacks wanting to debase the Bush Administration.

Here, 25 Million in the heart of the troubled Arab Region now have a potential for real freedom, and because of the enormous political bigotry of those who are slaves to the Democrat Partisan dogma, the perception of such a positive has been twisted in to such overt manipulations.

This so called Journalist, who said "Bush destroyed Iraq", should not be a Reporter, for they are either completely ignorant, or deeply in denial about their Partisan hatred which is clouding their judgment.

Anyone who wants a Saddam run Iraq returned, should seek professional help.

Patricia from Brazil sounds just as delusional. First, all wars are cruel. Second, just as the liberation of Kuwait, Afghanistan, South Korea, France, Iraq, etc., etc., we are so thankful for the Liberation of Millions which required a regretful sacrifice and use of force. A world which never fought for freedom, would be truly dark.


I hope Bush's Secret Service team on the scene was fired en mass. Our shoe-throwing "journalist" should have gotten three in the chest before he heaved the second shoe...

Average Joe

Do I subscribe to the Fresno Bee? No.

Why? Because partisanship is apparently more important to them than integrity or truth.

The economy and new internet world is not going to be kind to the paper-based media.


Thanks for demostrating yet again that our news media is dominated by partisan hacks who have no concept of journalistic ethics.

Enjoy your impending unemployment, losers. You deserve it for destroying the credibility of the media with your unique combination of arrogance and ignorance.

Joe Meric

"And you idiots wonder why no one reads you anymore. Or why McClatchy is down to $1 per share. Enjoy the unemployment line, bitches!"


Funny how the so-called journalists (a) would have been thrown in a shredder if Saddam were still alive and (b) MILLIONS of Americans don't agree with them, as evidenced by their refusal to buy and read their "newspapers".

Actually, there's no surprise here: leftist journalists prefer the chaos of islamic jihad/terrorism as it works towards their similar goal of usurping theJudeo-Christian West (you know, the concept that liberated Iraq.


Saddam Hussein was responsible for the deaths of almost 2 million Iraqis, Iranians, Kurds, and Kuwaitis. He used biological weapons to indiscriminately murder and terrorize Kurdish villagers, yet the 'journalists' here promote the lie that Iraq had no WMDs. The lies and willful ignorance diplayed by the mass media in the West is breathtaking. Thank God for George Bush. He has kept us safe and liberated tens of millions of Afghanis and Iraqis.


And you idiots wonder why no one reads you anymore. Or why McClatchy is down to $1 per share.

Enjoy the unemployment line, bitches!


I enjoy hearing those that blame the “destruction” of Iraq on one person. Does anyone remember right after the initial invasion in 03 when soldiers were welcomed as they drove through the neighborhoods? What happened to change this sentiment? Was it that The Americans dropped of a number of radical Shi’ite and Sunni extremists in the middle of Baghdad, told them to stir up hared and consume us in a war? I highly doubt that. How about the Iraqi people placing some blame within themselves for allowing the extremists to rule their lives? How about blaming the politicians in Iraq for wanting to gain power, instead of peace? How about blaming the tribal leaders whose feelings are hurt because he doesn’t have absolute power anymore? How about taking some responsibility for your own country? The awakenings are a start and with continued vigilance hopefully we can remove ourselves from the country, but it can only be done, when the country AS A WHOLE is willing to provide for itself.

Brad Eleven

I find Bush's reaction to be very telling. He shrugs off the incident, as though it has no significance to him.

How else could someone in his position overcome the shame associated with the horrible mistakes he has made? The only choice is a mix of willful and actual ignorance. It is the well worn implement in the arrogant man's toolbox.

As for the man who threw the shoes, I doubt that he planned the act. I believe that he simply reached the point that we all have reached at one time or another. He had had enough and very simply could not control his rage.

He is being punished for being human, then.


You are most insightful and wise. I do not find fault with the man who threw the shoe - but then I'm not a journalist. I am simply an American who never voted for Bush and have sat here in misery as Bush led our government, and your country, towards ruin. He has sickened me, so I can only imagine the passion and anger behind two tossed shoes. Bless the Iraqi people.


As a former journalist, this was unprofessional. Most news agencies would fire a journalist on the spot for behavior like this at a press conference. I feel saddened that this may besmirch the reputations of all of the professional Iraqi journalists who their jobs well and with personal integrity.


I completely agree with what you've said. Iraq needs more reasonable people like yourself. Personally I think Bush deserves more than a shoe in the face, but what that journalist did accomplishes nothing. Instead, he should have focused his frustrations on doing something positive to rebuild his own country


I completely agree with what you've said. Iraq needs more reasonable people like yourself. Personally I think Bush deserves more than a shoe in the face, but what that journalist did accomplishes nothing. Instead, he should have focused his frustrations on doing something positive to rebuild his own country


I completely agree with what you've said. Iraq needs more reasonable people like yourself. Personally I think Bush deserves more than a shoe in the face, but what that journalist did accomplishes nothing. Instead, he should have focused his frustrations on doing something positive to rebuild his own country


I completely agree with what you've said. Iraq needs more reasonable people like yourself. Personally I think Bush deserves more than a shoe in the face, but what that journalist did accomplishes nothing. Instead, he should have focused his frustrations on doing something positive to rebuild his own country

Dave F., Arlington, VA

The "Shoe heard round the world" was an important symbolic event. I felt his action was appropriate and restrained considering the circumstances.

I am a Republican who disagrees with almost everything the Party did during 2000-2006.

I voted for Obama and his election was an electoral middle finger to the President and the GOP. In case Mr. Bush did not understand that, he now has this second act. I hope more disgraces occur before January 20...not because I would wish that on Mr. Bush, but because I think it is important for a wide coaltion of people to reject his destructive policies.

He will either come to understand the devastation he has caused to the United States in addition to Iraq or he will be publicly exposed for all he is.

Scarlet Pimpernel

I think that Muslim extremists should take note not to insult Americans. Don't get us riled up and think that we do not have the stomach to do what must be done. Don't think that just because we have idiots in charge here who don't really understand the nature of our enemy that we will allow unchecked aggression against to stand. Another 9-11 type attack might get you all wiped off the face of this planet! Be warned!


I applauded this act. I don't care that it is rude. Why are we concerned about etiquette when a country was destroyed? Did Bush ever apologize to the Iraqis for the hundreds of thousands of dead? Bush is an occupier, a clown pretending to be a hero, so enclosed in his own little self-certain world he probably was surprised an Iraqi could be that angry. I am not surprised. I am only surprised such a thing did not happen earlier.


Dear Sr.
I agree with you but in any way I ask you to battle for the liberation of Mr. Muntadar Al-Zaidi.
We all know that is unacceptable to throw a shoe, or whatever it is, on a president or a representative of a foreign country, under any circumstances. But we can believe that this act was not the wish of millions of people around the world. Mr. Muntadar Al-Zaidi did what the world would like to have done and had no courage to do. I think he held the desire of many and can not be punished for it.
I think Mr.Bush deserved this message from the world. He and any other representative that does not work for peace and the well being of all people.
I wish the forgiveness of Mr. Muntadar Al-Zaidi, which acted on behalf of all Iraq citizens, men, women and children who have suffered unjustly and is still suffering the horror of this insane war. He has also acted by the desire of every citizen of the world that, at any time, did not agree to this cruel war.


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