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June 05, 2009


rose sutton

Don't you see: he is a POLICIAN and ATTORNEY. When those skills working together and then it give result: CONFUSING

Bob Jones

Even a dictator and tyrant would be welcomed in Iraq when housing, water, food and electricity is provided to the people. However, the animosity an distrust between sects will never go away.

The distorted and decieving interpretations of the Koran by the Muslin extremists will foster continuing violence and more repression until the goal of unification of millions of Muslims has been accomplished. All for the purpose of domination, not for the glory of Allah, but for the benefit of the few.


We'll see how Obama does but the key is to NEVER LET THE REPUBLICANS BE IN CHARGE EVER AGAIN.

Buzz Windrip

"nd the list is long. I cannot forgive and forget my relatives who were killed, displaced or detained and humiliated for mere suspicion. We lost our homes, our livelihoods and our families most of whom fled. But in spite of that I am willing to listen. I am willing to give Obama the benefit of doubt."

(If only our political leaders could display this kind of compassion and reason.)

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