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December 05, 2008


dr.moshe  wisotsky

the jewish terrorists settlers
should be thrown out of Israel.
they are criminals


Dr. Wisotsky - thrown out of Israel or thrown out of the Occupied Territories?

Judy Liber

When is enough going to be enough of the plague of viciousness wrought by the Israelis on the Palestinians???
As a Jew, I am sickened daily by the news that eminates from Israeli and American media. It's consistently pro-Israel, no matter WHAT they do--murder women, children, sick old men; uproot olive trees several hundred years old; demolish their meager houses while the families watch in agony (or sometimes with the residents still inside). They are being starved; they have no water; not even their ambulances or hospitals are safe; they can't get the most basic medicines or hospital supplies. They have created the Warsaw Ghetto all over again. But the Ghetto only went on a few years. This Israeli obscenity has gone on for two generations.
Then when a puny, insignificant pathetic attempt by some Palestinians actually succeeds in landing a small missile inside what shouldn't even BE "Israel," the Israelis lash out like Hiroshima victims, calling it an "attack" to which now Israel must respond with ferocity--of course NEVER acknowledging what the Israelis did to precipitate it. And god help a Jew who speaks out against the Israeli war crimes.

The Israelis and their supporters have had blood dripping from their hands for years and years. They dare to torment the Palestinians, while weeping and moaning and screaming about the "horror" of Iran perhaps creating a nuclear bomb. They never say word one about the fact that they possess enough nuclear weapons and powerful delivery systems to wipe out all of the Middle East.

When will the world stop being scared of being called "anti-semitic," or "nazi sympathizers?" For any Jew to stand by and let this go on, or worse, to joyously participate, makes THEM the Nazis. Of ALL people of the world, the JEWS should be the most empathetic to the suffering and unjust plight of the downtrodden.

Judy Liber



There are MANY Jews from around the world and Israeli Jews as well that risk their lives going into the Occupied Territories to non-violently protest/resist human rights abuses and other illegal actions of the IDF.

Probably the best activist-based human rights organization that you might want to join is Amnesty International. The U.S. section website is www.aiusa.org.

There's also an organization, Jewish Voice for Peace that works for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Their website it www.jvp.org. There are also other very effective and strong Jewish-American organizations that do speak out and say 'not in our name'. You might want to join them too. They don't get a lot of media attention, but they're there.

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