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January 05, 2009



Have you ever watched Foxnews coverage? I mean more than a moment here and there and I mean their news reports not their commentary shows.

Or do you just go with what "others" say it is?

I believe you really haven't watched much Foxnews because if you had you would have seen that their news reporting, not the commentary shows that clearly state they are and you know where they are coming from, but their news reporting comes from a center if not a slightly leftist political perspective.

Perhaps the reason you think it is so extreme has everything to do with how extreme you and the other so called news media has become in the West.

After all thinking that al Jazeera is anything but a modern day Pravda show an absolute hatred of the West on your part. And if you are any indication of the other foreign "journalists" in the area I am so glad the Israelis are keeping you away.

You would not report but instead would just propagandize. So, if you are going to act like part of the enemy you should be treated as part of the enemy.

Al Jazeera isn't fooling anyone about it's true purposes and aims. But then again, people are waking up to the lies of CNN and MSNBC as well. It might not seem like it because you have just being successful in electing yourself a president (in the most biased covered election in US history) but you have hit your high water mark here. People are seeing through your pride and you can bet that within 7 months your polls (when they poll the public on do they trust the news media) will have gone down faster than the DOW!


No, I honestly do not watch Fox News. I only end up seeing the stuff so ridiculous that it's played on the Daily Show.


Sorry, I forgot to mention.

Yes, I do watch Al Jazeera. Josh Rushing has done some very good stuff.

I'd like to see ... I think it's ... Ed Mervish? He appeared on Colbert just as he started at Al Jazeera.

Has Steve ever seen anything by Al Jazeera? I get the impression, no.

Julia Hurley

Steve, if Al-Jazeera hated the West so much, why would they broadcast in English as well? It is all biased in one way shape or form, but its a matter of how biased, and how balanced your own news intake is. Most well educated people don't trust just one source, but read/watch at least a few....and of course not "everything" like Ms. Palin. Balance out your own knowledge before you criticize one journalist trying to bring another, very important perspective.


"Steve, if Al-Jazeera hated the West so much, why would they broadcast in English as well? "

Why would Tokyo Rose?

Why would Lord Hee Haw?

Because there are always some useful idiots out there that can be influenced.


Oh. by the way, I didn't say that Al-Jazeera hated the West.

That would have been too obvious a statement to make. Of course they do.

I said anyone who would watch al Jazeera hates the West.

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