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May 21, 2008

Pictures Tell a Story at State Department

There've been stories before about State Department career employees' unhappiness when an unknown Bush administration politico ordered historic diplomatic photographs removed from a hall leading to the department's main cafeteria. They were replaced with huge color glossies extolling the diplomatic feats of President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush and SecState Condoleezza Rice. (At this point, we probably shouldn't even mention the huge jellybean portrait  of George W. in the window of the candy shop one floor down, across from the Foggy Bottom cafe).

Recently, we are told, things took a turn for the worse. Outside the State Department 's press briefing room on the department's 2nd floor hang large official photos of Bush, Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney.   The pictures were, er ... modified by persons unknown. (We did not personally witness this, we must admit -- or we'd have a photo to post). We're talking fake mustaches and the like. The defacements were promptly cleaned up. They reappeared.

An edict came down from on high: stop this childishness.

Further evidence that the Bushies are losing control as they enter their final months? Or that pollsters who found 82% of the American public believes the country is on the wrong track must have dialed a few diplomats at home?


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So the "Bushies are losing control" of the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil incompetents at the State Dept?

Wow...That's really trouble. After all apparently idiots like you blame Bush because the world "hates us" but of course it tis the job of State to foster relations with foreign countries.

WHy confuse yourself with facts though? Continue your infantile rants-and endorse a pro-terrorist candidate, who is the emptiest of empty suits and has a penchant for communists, terrorist sympathizers and insipid racists...


Beautiful. Many times I've walked past those GD photos and desperately WANTED to deface them.

Apparently, somebody else was thinking the same thing.



Terrific little newsy item.
Hat's off to whatever DoS employees done the deed.

Here's hoping they have pals around DC who continue the artful commentary in other agencies.


The modification was not a mustache, it was a set of horns. And nobody drew them; they just grew on their own.


J's point could be expanded--what about the "candy Bush"? That seems pretty childish. How about a George W. Bush merry-go-round in the huge entrance foyer at the State Department?

People could go on rides on carved Condis, Ws, Cheneys, Rumsfelds, and all the rest of the various scoundrels and criminals who comprise the Bush administration.

No gold rings, though. Those will be given to a pre-selected consortium of the rich and powerful.


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! state dept staff do have a sense of humor!


Delicious! I wish you had the pictures!


ok, so it's NOT childish to replace photos of historic moments with photos of your own ugly mug?

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