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January 22, 2009

House Republican: Send Gitmo detainees to Pelosi's district

CQ Politics reports that Florida Rep. Bill Young is suggesting a "secure location for the detainees now held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco.

“Alcatraz would be a good place to put these people," CQ quotes Young as saying. "There’s a lot of discomfort about the idea of bringing the detainees in to the United States. That’s why I’ve suggested Alcatraz,” said Young, referring to the now abandoned, infamous prison island in San Francisco Bay."


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Why couldn't they be in our prisons we have people as bad there now,look at the guy who slashed children and killed 3 people at a child care center.Is he not as bad?


Set them free and help with their rehab. by setting up cells in the US to kill Americans. The Liberals would be happy then.


How bout we give them trials instead?


SF sounds good to me!

AF Ticker

Of course VA CommonSense got his information from reliable sources such as Yahoo where kids go on to find answers to homework.
You need to do some homework VA since according to Fed figures it cost$$21,601 annually or $59.18 per day. Other sources which count in health care, cable TV and other perks count the cost at closer to $40,000 per year.

By all means send them to Queen Pelosi's district and re-open Alcatraz. Afterall look at the pork she could steer to her home district under the guise of security.

Idiots in Congress will close a perfectly good center at Gitmo just to satify a few bleeding heart leftnoids. To dang bad they didn't spend a few cent and just shoot the SOB's and then we wouldn't have to worry with keeping them locked up.

W Action

Just when you think they've hit bottom, another Congressional Republican finds yet another way to show that we don't really know where the bottom is.


Actually, it's a pretty good idea. It could be rebuilt, monitored and would not put an 'accused terrorist' who MAY actually be guilty, in proximity to civilian populations. Rebuild Alcatraz and use American courts with Internationally recognized judicial standards for accused terrorists, some of whom may be innocent. I think it's a workable solution. Where else would you want potentially dangerous terrorists with international support groups to get out-door exercise? It's a LOT easier to walk up to a prison than to boat up to one, fly into one, swim into one, and it's remote location allows for radar/sonar on the perimeter. Good idea. (Only Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage could REALLY get onto or off of The Rock :)


Implicit in the dude's comment is the usual right-wing trope that San Francisco (or other location containing a high percentage of liberals) is not part of America. So if you remove the aggregate federal taxes paid by New York and California, is there still enough money to pay Bill Young's salary? My guess is not.


Not to mention that his rationale for Alcatraz apparently is that it's not part of the United States.

Twit, indeed.


He really doesn't know much American history does he?
Alcatraz was closed in 1963 by fiscally responsible Democrats:

By decision of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, the penitentiary was closed on March 21, 1963. It was closed because it was far more expensive to operate than other prisons (nearly $10 per prisoner per day, as opposed to $3 per prisoner per day at Atlanta)

Bud Fields

GOP Genius Man to the rescue! Need a place to put some folks who've been held prisoner (that's why, in the real world, we call them "prisoners", and not "detainees", unless we're trying to avoid laws that cover folks called "prisoners") without cause, and tortured? I know! Let's put them in ANOTHER PRISON! Genius!

What a twit.

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