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January 20, 2009

Oops, Obama makes first presidential mistake

Oops. Just seconds into his term, President Barack Obama made a mistake about the history of his new office.

In the second paragraph of his inaugural address, Obama said, “Forty four Americans have now taken the presidential oath.”

Sorry. While Obama IS the 44th president, he is actually only the 43rd American to take the oath.

Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms. He is counted as the 22nd president, serving from 1885 to 1889. He won back theoffice four years later, and is counted also as the 24th president, serving again from 1893-1897.

Two presidents – but one American.



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Posted by: Meee YAdiggg | January 21, 2009 at 03:55 AM

What a darsh!

also an amazing video showing what Barack REALLY said.


I just saw this guys post and loled!
Posted by: Meee YAdiggg | January 21, 2009 at 03:55 AM

speaking of which, does you leik mudkipz?


"My God!!! Get a LIFE!!! It is this type of trivial, technical nonsense that will stand in the way of our nation realizing the type of CHANGE that President Obama is trying to implement. Let's stop majoring in minor things, Please!"

Wait a sec...I've heard this somewhere before... Weren't Republicans saying this to Democrats when THEY nitpicked Bushisms?

Not fun is it? These 4-8 years will be a blast!


"are you kidding? get a life. THIS is all we have to discuss?"

Where've I heard that before? Ooooh! That's what Republicans said when Bush made terrible mistakes in his speeches.

All Americans are equal but some are more equal than others, right?

These 4-8 years are going to ROCK!

zeke L

it would seem you've all forgotten about david rice atchison, the famous president for a day when zachary taylor refused to be sworn in on the sabbath (march 4, 1849).

so take away one for cleveland, and add one back for atchison, and you're back at 44.

of course, you could make the case that since the presidential oath is the same one administered to the vice president (at least when john roberts isn't involved) there are actually many *more* than 44 americans who have taken that oath.

Ron Planesi

When one considers the fact that numerous Vice Presidents have technically "become" President for short periods of time, for a variety of reasons, this "mangling" of history is ludicrous. If someone wants to sit down and go back through history and count every single time a VP "assumed" the Presidency for a few hours, you might see the numbers given here may be way, way off. And if Obama accomplishes one tenth of what he was elected for, this discussion will be looked on, if any way remembered, as a ludicrous example of how people can scrunch down on the ground and occupy their minds with a pinspeck of worthless but sparkling material. Fun, fun.

Proud Floridian

So why do we all need to get behind him now? I don't recall any of the democrats holding hands demanding that they have to get behind Bush. I don't have to get behind the messiah, i just wish the most horrible painful things on him as i can


It's only fair to point out every single slip of the tongue, misstep, foul up, etc, since the demonrats liked to do it as much as possible. I just pray for the day New York or LA are wiped off the map by a terrorist...so many liberals gone in one swoop


OK, Obama made a mistake, so what? We all do. But what bothers me is his team came back and said, "yeah, yeah, we know he is the 43rd American but we didn't want to confuse people by saying he is the 44th President and 43rd American. So, we stuck to saying 44th American". What kind of crap is that? Instead of admitting a silly mistake and moving on, Obama's team essentially is saying Americans are so dumb and foolish that they don't understand the difference between 44th president and 43rd American. Just admit that he made a mistake and it's over.

ape man

are you kidding? get a life. THIS is all we have to discuss?

Ken Sears

There is such a thing as "convention". It is the accepted convention to consider a "presidency" - and, hence, a "president" - on the basis of an uninterrupted tenure in office. This is why Cleveland counts as two presidents, and Obama IS the 44th president. But he is the 43rd human being to take the oath - and, so, yes, he did make a small slip in claiming that 44 people had done so. It's no big thing, except that the people who still want to insist 44 people have taken the oath are being totally moronic. The article is perfectly correct. And no one (Erin) is making a mistake by calling Obama the 44th president.

Ken Sears

Comments to the effect that, since Cleveland counts as two Presidents (which is perfectly legitimate) he is also two PEOPLE, are idiotic. Grover Cleveland was the same Grover Cleveland when he took the oath each time. One person. Forty-three human beings, including Barack Obama, have taken the oath of office for the presidency of the USA. It's so simple only an anal-retentive jerk could dispute it.


As I pointed out to a friend, Taft counts twice for size, so Obama's got a pass on this one.


The same logic that makes him the 44th President makes him the 44th to take the oath. If it is two different Grover Clevelands that took office, it is two different Grover Clevelands that took the oath. What, he should have said 43rd to take oath and have 98% think that was a mistake rather than you 2%??? Whoever decided to count Grover as two different Presidents anyway?


44 - you obviously forgot to count President Hanson - who was "President of the United States in Congress Assembled" before George Washington when the United States was still under the Articles of Confederation. http://supreme.lp.findlaw.com/documents/hanson.html

Pauline Muriuki

Stop majoring on the minor issues: does it matter whether 43rd, 44th or 45th oh you perfect orator - if you truly think you can deliver such a lovely speech like his? I'm still proud of Obama because he has entered our history books. If you are looking for mistakes, you may have also noticed he moved his right foot before the left one at some point, and also he smiled for 5 seconds instead of 4. GIVE IT UP. There are more important things we look forward to: GOD BLESS AMERICA.


Im here so far from you guys..Beauty city in Africa...My english is poor because my official language is Portuguese... I dont understand about politics and god or bad pronounces, i only know 2 things: "mistakes are human things". Prs. Obama can did mistake with words, but "you" did others mistakes in your life more badly and worst that a simple word...so before see other peoples mistake take a look of you. The second thing i know is CHANGE-PEACE-AND-LOVE... you guys should try to accept that the change came, and try to live better with that... dont waste time thinkin and lookin for Obama words mistakes, take a time to breath and be open eyes to see his WORK. for now, just live your life better, "carpe diem", because we are human and we only live one time in this world. Stop talking shits because whatever you do or say it not gone change the fact: OBAMA IS A NEW PRESIDENT OF USA, 44TH OR 43TH, BACK OR WHITE...IS YOURS PRESIDENT,WHATHEVER YOU LIKE OR YOU HEAT...

im glad to be alive to see change in the world... im glad to live this fabulous moment that America gives this gifth to all of the world...im African Women, but now i can say without debuts that AMERICA IS THE TOP OF THE WORLD...not because they have economy but because they have mind...



I like the Sesame Street show! There is a Grover on that show!

A Concerned Reader

I'd like to point out that you combined the word "the" and office" which are clearly two words. Looks like you made a mistake. Man, I wish someone would post an article about it.


Hey Meeya, maybe you should to back to school and learn how to spell before you go around calling other people "stupid"...and for all of the rest who have nothing better to do than tear a man down because he "may" have made a simple mistake, maybe you should also go back to school and learn something because you obviously have way too much time on your hands! Attacking the President for something so trivial is beyond ridiculous and you people can't even fathom President Obama's vision of change. I could not have been more proud and honored watching today as he was sworn in and I and millions of other people finally have a sense of renewed hope for our not only our families but our country and that is the way it should be. God Bless America!


To all those who seem to take issue with this article, maybe this bit of info from the White House's own website (http://www.whitehouse.gov/our_government/executive_branch) should clear things up: "President Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He is, however, only the 43rd person ever to serve as President; President Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms, and thus is recognized as both the 22nd and the 24th President."

Meee YAdiggg

HA to bad only 43 Americans have said don’t it still anyways Obama isn’t am American

He hasn’t proved it yet when I see his original birth certificate then ill believe it but my question is why has it taken the man so long to prove it?

Stupid democrats

Three separate court trials that he keeps asking for extinctions on hmmmmmmmm I wonder what he was waiting for...

And don’t give me that website crap the company that verified that fake one which a lot of inconsistencies were found in that one btw yea he sat on that company’s board for about 8 years think it was a little biased

Iraq we have reason for the war people need to stop watching news and do some research for real. If the would had done that instead of voteing for the person the news told them to vote for I am confident Obama would not have one.

But you know what its what ever congrats to B.O. good luck i really hope he dose good and dosent get us killed. We will see


get real. the office has had a total of 44 presidents. the count is correct. btw, stop writing fluff and give us some real content.


Impeach Impeach Impeach him.
Actually we are a bit late.

I also saw the second mistake he made five minutes after he took his oath. He was adjusting his tie knot. Thats a strict no no during presidential inauguration and a major insult to americans worldwide.


Unless Grover Cleveland was not an American when he took one of those oaths, it would be 43. Since he was an American each time, as history has not questioned, then it was 44. Two term Presidents, whether consecutive or not, take oaths each time. You did not question the oaths of them as not fitting into the total count. According to your theory, we should discount those Presidents serving more than one term.


What? I've had enough! Impeach him. But on the real, we can live with this sort of mistake. Just don't go invading foreign countries for no good reason!


He said that after he took oath. so he is right, at that moment 44 presidents have been taken same oath. Is it not right


Hmm. If billions of people were watching you from all over the planet, all the pressure suffocating you, do you think you'd do much better?

Cut the man some slack here. Give him more than a few seconds in office to determine his potential as a president. Kay?

a h

How ridiculous. Obama was correct, 44 Americans have taken the oath of office. Just not 44 distinct Americans.

John Frier

44 or 43 or 42 who really cares all I know is that we as a people must work hard and give our country our full support if we are going to see even a small change. As Obama said we all must be involved we All are responsible a little accountability never hurt a soul just makes us a little wiser.
P.S. I just found this while browsing and found it quite interesting http://www.obamafreemoney.org

Moderately Extreme

Oh,my,God. We've made a terrible mistake. We now have a president with no sense of history, nor grasp of facts.

Unlike Bush, this one is simply on an ego trip with no real idea of how to get us out of this mess. I just hope Joe Biden can live up to Cheney's example and take control. 44th American to take the oath, indeed. What have we done?


Grover Cleveland 22 and Grover Cleveland 24 were actually completely different people. 22 was an overweight lawyer from New Jersey and 24 was a black lesbian.


And so what??? 43, 44 or 45 what does it really matter. We just know we have one more president today than we did yesterday.


Hmmm....he still became the President twice and took two separate oaths and an American both times.


If Obama made a mistake, it was only that he followed the gazillion media reports referring to him as the 44th president. why not go after them?

Major Domo, Republic of Vermont

Don't freak out.... This sort of trivial farting won't stand in the way of human progress. It's just semantic internets fun!


My God!!! Get a LIFE!!! It is this type of trivial, technical nonsense that will stand in the way of our nation realizing the type of CHANGE that President Obama is trying to implement. Let's stop majoring in minor things, Please!

Major Domo, Republic of Vermont

43, 44? I am happy to meet people who have the luxury of such trivia to banter about. Either way we have new hope in leadership to cling to. By the way, the Oath of Office with the Chief Justice is merely ceremonial..... The rightful President-Elect, by law, automatically becomes President at noon on the 20th of January. Just as LBJ became President apon JFK's death; before his ceremonial Oath on Air Force One.


and why are we calling it a presidential mistake, how about a human mistake...


I think we should just move on from it. It was a mistake. Have we not seen the news on Bushism. Get real!

Dan Wylie-Sears

I noticed the error when he said it, and I noticed the chief justice's error in the oath.


This is how you show support, three minutes into the new presidency?


I still find it humorous the President (Obama) thinks there are 57 States in the Union.


Semantics. He is the 44th President, but the article is right, he is the 43rd man to actually take the oath of the Presidency.
If this is the type of nitpicking that Obama's detractors have been reduced to, I say, let them speak.


Wow, talk about fuzzy math. President Obama made a mistake, no matter how you spin it.

Respect the man, admire his words, but allow him to have faults. He made a mistake. I could argue it was a big deal, but I won’t.

It’s OK to laugh. If he proved one thing today, our new President can laugh at himself. Please allow us to follow his lead!

Ingnorance isn't Bliss

Well I'll throw my 2-cents in, Barry is Half white. He speaks articulate, you can understand what he actually says.
Technically he IS the 44th president.
Technically if the Oath of Office is botched, he is not President, or some lawyers will say that.
And why is this newsworthy? Its funny. So why not?
The ignorance of people commenting here is apparent. He is our Prez, like his politics or not.
Lets hope the rumors he is the "Manchurian Candidate" for Islam is not true, and lets all have a Good Ole American Pabst Blue Ribbon To celibrate, or Cobra, or Shlitz, Colt .45 Malt Liquor.


To err is human!!!! the important things are how he run the goverment during his period.....


Whoever wrote this doesn't comprehend speaking.First of all the last line "Two Presidents, but one American" indicates two different people, one of which is American. It should have been written "One American - two non-consecutive presidential terms". Furthermore if the 22nd president was American and took the Presidential Oath, and the 24th President was American , and took the Presidential Oath then both of theses times an American took the presidential Oath. In conclusion all history indicates that Barack Obama is the 44th President of The U.S. regardless of Grover Cleveland being counted twice. If you can count him as being two different Presidents, the 22nd and the 24th then you can count it as two different Americans, other wise you can only say that Barack Obama is the 43rd president indicating that there have been 42 other people who have been President. Yes confusing, but someone was stupid enough to make it an issue.


Presidet Obama Is your President also. So deal with It

Asian Boy

Can you Americans, black or white, stop using the four- lettered cuss word? It's not a good practice. A lot of children worldwide are unconsciously adopting such an improper language. For the sake of decency if you will. Thank you so much.

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