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October 17, 2008



oh how i wish that deer-in-headlights moment could have been maybe 5 minutes before the commercial break. "liddy...? duhhh...."

Linda Maloney

Oh yes! Yes! Could we get this front and center? The Obama campaign has been soooo reticent about listing McCain's more-than-questionable associations (apart from the Keating 5 video, and how much traction did that get?). It's up to the press, which has given the Ayers canard so much play, to put it in perspective.


Both John McCain and Sarah Palin are spiteful, vindictive, and dare I say, violent people. As long as they're not voted into office that will be enough. Obama just doesn't see a reason to be as dirty and underhanded as they are.


Come on. . . Ayers didn't serve time because evidence was mishandled or just maybe because he had a rich daddy that was prominent in Chicago doings. I always had the feeling that Ayers was a lot like Charlie Manson--why get his hands dirty when he had his girlfriend to do it for him--she got blown up. Comparing Ayers to Liddy is apples to oranges. Grow up.



You're continuing the stupid ad. But you've gone beyond association and law.

You say Liddy is better than Ayers because Liddy spent time in prison - instead of winning his court case - and then you choose a current evildoer to align with Ayers.

Our laws didn't convict Ayers. And he wasn't *even* associated with Manson.

Using your method, a chosen past accused should never be positively compared to a convicted felon because the previously confused reminds me (choose your 'thinker') of, say, Jeffey Dahmer.

Of course you're allowed to choose the rapist, torturer, necrophiliac or cannibal of your choice.

Then you try to clean your plate with your false righteousness, "Comparing ... is apples to oranges. Grow up."

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