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May 28, 2007


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That's supposed to happen before the middle of June.


This war was started by lies and has been fought with lies to the point of denial of who our enemy really is. Bush should go down for this crime, and I can't believe Americans who hate losers would let Bush off with a free pass. This administration's obsession with lies has worked for the benefit of Iraqi resistance. We all need a good dose of reality here in America before reality literally kicks our country's butt. When both sides quit demonizing each other and we all sit down and discuss the future of Iraq as equals then maybe we can see an end to this incessant violence. I can't help but think the elephant in the room is the fact that giving a country over to its own people can't possibly be this hard to accomplish.


Umm, I guess you're complaining about the 'good news' that also isn't, according to (U.S.) government spokespersons, being reported here either...

Also, umm, do you know the meaning of the word "snark"? If not, ask one of the American staffers...


Early on, our president was caught paying newspapers and TV stations to report his agendas as news. I'm actually beginning to think that not lying is indeed impossible for these people. People are starting to wake up to the fact that our Iraq regime is no better than Saddam's. It's hard for many Americans to wake up, as we have been consistently lied to for quite a long time, not only to set up the war, but on many other topics. One of the most tragic errors made in America is the assumption that if we did not intend to kill any children, then this equals not having killed any, ergo when we bomb an occupied city we are innocent. I dearly hope the United States wakes up from this horrible dream, and stops trying to foist the same dream off on your country.


Well, Bush said we would leave if the Iraqi government asked us to go. I'm hoping your side does just that.

p.s. I don't have the words to convey my sorrow for what my country has done to yours.


We all pray for peace. We are all angry with our governments. I saw the movie "The Battle of Algiers" last night. Same situation in the 50's and 60's with the French.

But the Algerian people found unity, and in the end were able to end colonialism by the French. You must find this unity, and unite with your government for change.

This is now happening in the US. People are going to vote for change in '08 as we did in '06, we are gaining unity in our voice for peace.

We forced Bush to begin talks with neighboring countries, it is a start......


Your government is using propaganda. You can see through it. Probably all Iraqis see through it. From what I read, millions have left Iraq. Seems like a good time for your parliament to vote no confidence in this government and call for new elections. You need a government where everyone has a voice. The Sunnis need to be included equally with everybody else in Iraq. Same goes for nonmuslim groups. I also read that China is to build a big electric plant near Baghdad and 50 super generators are to be put in to power neighborhoods that are without power. That's supposed to happen before the middle of June. I sure hope that gets done for you. If it makes you feel any better, we want transparency and accountability in our government too. We have the most secretive administration ever in our history.

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