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July 14, 2007



Thank You for sharing your experience with all the bloggers. I didn't see it as a cry for help. That you were asking to be rescued, but that you were sharing your first hand experience. I am sure that there are some people over there that are more fortunate and have not and may not ever have to go through the terrible ordeal that you did. I feel deeply for what you experienced and wish I could guarantee that this will never happen again, but I can not. Not there, not any where else in the world. It almost sounds like a car jacking in the United States only you were freed unharmed, not all victims of a car jacking are that lucky. I would think that being a journalist would bring danger depending on the assignment, so really it comes with the job. Journalist are risking their lives all around the world, even on the streets of the United States. I truly thank them for the wonderful job they are doing! Now I am going to direct these comments to the bloggers whose comments I have read. Are You Aware that we have US Civilians that have "Volunteered" to transport goods and supplies not just to the military but to the citizens of Iraq and they are also being targeted and killed! Everyone Is A Target of a Terrorist, Everyone! They need to be stopped in all the places they are hiding, plotting, terrorizing, killing any innocent human being!
Wake Up and Smell The Coffee People! Get Informed, Check Out All Sides Before You Start Running Your Mouths, Your Mouth Could Cause More Problems For The Iraqi People Then The Military Presences In The Middle East!
"Freedom Does Not Come Easy and All Involved Pay The Price!" The question is not should the US and Allies pull out and when, but will the situation improve once they are gone? "NO, I Say Probably Not!" It may even get worse knowing that they are no longer there to help train and prepare the Iraqi people.
"Saddam Is Gone along with his Henchmen...A Good Thing, thanks to the US and Allies". They have now Paid the Ultimate Price for Their Horrific Crimes On Humanity! How quickly we forget the good that has come out of this war and I beg to differ with all those that are apologizing for killing Iraqi people. Have you heard of Al-Qaeda??? 911 etc... That Is Who We Are Killing! WE ARE NOT KILLING THE IRAQI PEOPLE!!!! Perhaps your forefathers did NOT Fight for the Freedom that You are Enjoying Here in the United States Today, but Mine Did, My Great Grandfather and he DIED For For the Freedom that You Take For Granted! God help all of you that want to drop and run. Leave the Iraqi people with the terrorists and the mess, to rebuild alone if there is anything left after Al-Qaeda is done with them. May God forgive you as Jesus did Judas.


Scary story, well told. I could feel your fear and desperation. I don't know how you stand it going through so many check points and at each one armed men holding onto triggers that with a minute amount of pressure will end your existence.

Ah, yes, we Americans came to save you. We seem not to care how many of you we must kill to bring to you whatever it is we are bringing. But don't despair, we will bring it to you if we have to kill all of you.

You should hate us. We have no right to decide how you should live. Pascal said "nothing is more ridiculous than a man should have the right to kill me simply because I live across the water and his ruler has a quarrel with my ruler, though I have none with him."

Has anyone in the Bush Administration figured out what right we Americans have to kill Iraqis who don't want to have what we want them to have? Now that we are sending a third aircraft carrier to the region, I expect to soon wonder about our right to kill Iranians.


I think it is too dangerous to stay there - and I am very very sorry for what my government has done to Iraq. I tried to stop it and I failed.

Harry Barnes

The links on this item might be of interest -



I am so sorry for what we have created in your country. Please stay safe.


Dear dear friend, please do all you can to stay safe. I pray for you and yours as I draw breath.

Hannah Allam

Sahar, Sahar, Sahar. Al humdulillah ala salama. This beautiful piece of writing speaks volumes about the daily perils of Iraq. You took us right there, right to the checkpoint, and it's a place I hope you never visit again. Deer balich ala nafsich, habibti.


The time has come when you all have to make plans to leave Iraq. Take your families. Post a blog from wherever you go. Send me an e-mail. There are people out here who care about all of you.

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