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July 17, 2007


E Cigarette



Karen, ever thought you're son might be right and you're the ignorant one?


David Enderrs, author of Baghdad Bulletin, is a New york based freelance journalist who has spent over 18 months in Iraq in the last four years. On his most recent trip, Enders reports on the growing refugee crisis in Iraq and the effects of the problem on the rest of the region. To read his blog, go to http://pulitzercenter.typepad.com/death_of_a_nation/
and to learn more about other pulitzer center projects, check out www.pulitzercenter.org


I hope you find your old teacher again, too. Bring him something special if you can. Those of us who got a good education are really really lucky. Tonight the Senate is debating about what we're doing in Iraq. They say it will go all night. I'll stay up and watch for as long as it's televised. I'll let you know my impressions. I know many of the Senators understand what debt we owe the people of Iraq for what we've done there.


Dear Iraqui journalist,
I feel close to you as my son is there in Bahgdad fighting for who knows what.. it is not for our freedom, we already have our freedom, it is for greed. My son, like most of our young military are naive to the reasons they are there. It is refreshing to read blogs like yours which come form truth and reality. My son resides at Ft Liberty at this time, I cannot sleep, I cannot think straight, I am frozen with fear. Our family is not the same with him there. He is ignorant of the real reason he is there as most of us in the USA. It means alot that I am contacting an Iraqui heart. My love and desire for peace and safety for you all there.. with love Karen Quinn of New York USA My email : karq@aol.com

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