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July 18, 2007



David Enderrs, author of Baghdad Bulletin, is a New york based freelance journalist who has spent over 18 months in Iraq in the last four years. On his most recent trip, Enders reports on the growing refugee crisis in Iraq and the effects of the problem on the rest of the region. To read his blog, go to http://pulitzercenter.typepad.com/death_of_a_nation/
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RJ Adams

No, my friend, the problem is not that the US didn't send enough troops. The problem is that they sent any. There are many in the West who weep for what is happening to Iraq, and the Middle East generally. It is illegal under international law for one nation to interfere militarily in the domestic politics of another without permission. That was the crime, and the Iraqi people are its victims.


Well of course, Laura, there's that. We shouldn't have gone to Iraq in the first place.


No, ljm, the problem all along was the unjustified and unjustifiable U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Thank you, dear journalist, for bringing into focus what is happening to the innocents. And for saying what is true. The U.S. is not protecting the populace. The surge is failing. There is no military solution, and it's time to stop expecting one, and to work for something else.

The U.S. has no credibility any longer, and really can't lead. But we need to admit this and to seek help from others who can mediate and negotiate. Who will speak for the millions who want peace and cooperation? When will those who can speak--in and out of Iraq--do so? And are there ways for others of us to support them?

Throwing up our hands, wringing our hands, these are not useful. But those of us who care need some guidance about meaningful ways to put our hands to work.


Our senate was in session holding a debate on the Iraq war all night. They wanted to pass an ammendment about changing the direction in Iraq and to start working on redeploying US troops. Although the majority voted for the ammendment, it didn't pass, because they have to have 60 votes. The Republicans wouldn't let them pass it with a simple vote.

I've read that to secure a city the size of Baghdad, it would take many many more troops than are there now. That was the problem all along. The US didn't send enough troops to secure Iraq.

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