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July 21, 2007


News Sophisticate

I have the Sean Smith film on my blog as well as a US humvee pushing through a crowded Baghdad street. I think that your readers might consider them useful to your story. They are both in the video section in my labels.


I hope this link will take you to the CrooksandLiars article that links to Sean Smith's video footage:


If it doesn't open for you, type it in yourself; it's worth your time.


I tried to find an easy link for readers to recent video by Sean Smith, a British photographer who's been embedded with U.S. troops. They are exhausted, overwrought and not always able to think clearly. Their reactions to threats at times reflect the poor judgment of people stretched to their physical and emotional limits. Wrong things happen in such situations. In Smith's video, an innocent taxi driver is killed for failing to stop on command. At another point, the home of an elderly and frail woman is invaded: in a heart-breaking moment, the woman declares that she is so afraid she cannot stand. She laments the loss of "peace and love in Iraq." I encourage folks to google his name to find footage. It's an eye-opener.

It is no accident that the U.S. government seeks to limit what we see about this war. If more eyes were opened, more hearts would open as well. Please, readers, share this blog site with your friends. And please leave comments for the writers; so they know they are seen. And heard.


You got me. For once I am speechless. Be careful over there.

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