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April 16, 2008


hollister uk

I read this article, I really wish I could have spoken with the author directly.

Jordans 5

"No difference in the past, non-attachment the future, do not play on the now. Anju now, and happy to live the moment", which Buddhist Feeling deep sentence, which fell heart, the mind immediately let me have far-reaching everywhere cool.

Kevin G

Reading this story has saddened me, and left my heart heavy... In any country or any civilization one cannot begin to understand the reason for such violence. I too hope for that Juliet does find out the truth of her loves last words, and wish for peace for everyone, irregardless of religion, faith, or nationality, but as human beings.

Kevin G
Georgia, USA


WOOOW,that's really breaking hearts..nowadays,Iraq is full of this kind of story!


You know what, i thought romance died centuries ago but seems i'm wrong. This story broke my heart and i feel so sad for both the young man who never married his beloved lady and also sad for her because i don't know if she knows how much he loved her until the last moment . I don't know if she will be happy to know how much he loved her then she lost him or as i think it kills and hurts more to know about this love then everything disappears within a blink of eye.
Hope that God protects YOU.


I hope so too, Dulaimy....


I feel for true love, and
death never seperates people.


This is unforgettable. My heart breaks for the woman who may still not know the last words her man spoke were of his love for her. That the killer, from his memory's black abyss, could only recall and was haunted by the man whose plea for mercy was for the sake of love, shows how powerful love is. It didn't stop the man's physical death, but the world will surly, slowly know this love story and it will live on longer than the merciless killer, longer, surely, than all of us.
- Santa Monica, CA


i cant imagine how sad the girl must feel. after all these years waiting for her man and now he has died...
but i guess kulshi qesma aw naseeb...

Max - Dallas

WOW! This truly is a sad story, and one that is definitely worth preserving in a movie. I hope 'Juliet' is someday discovered, and that she gets what little consolation she can from Romeo's plea.


I hope your story travels wide, Dulaimy, wide enough to reach his love. Looking at it another way, might it also be that it is this man's passion that brings dreams to the killer, rather than the killer's guilt? While I hope for the killer's sake that he does feel remorse, I can't help also hoping that this true and loyal man so passionately loved that he is able to express his feelings while others sleep. Perhaps his beloved has also heard from him. Let's hope so.

Here's to a better world--I hope we build it together--"where stories end in lovers' greeting."

Best to you, D.

Susan - NC

What a sad story... I hope the would-be bride knows the truth one day.

And I wish every killer was tormented in their dreams, whenever they try to go to sleep. I wish the same for the supporters of those killers.

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