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September 22, 2008


arn specter

In the spring of 2007 in the U.S. the formation of a Dept. of Peace was proposed for the government. It failed. However it could be revived and other countries could establish a Dept.of Peace for home and foreign affairs with peacemakers...

Teri P

I agree that American News and American politicians mostly just paint a rosey picture when that probably is the farthest thing from reality in Iraq. I wish there were a way to know the perspective, as the Iraqi people see it. We are ONLY getting one side of the story. Sometimes it is very difficult to read between the lines for Americans.

Shelly T.

There is so much propaganda in the U.S. We are told every day by candidates and politicians how much less violent Iraq now is, they make it sound like utopia is coming. They say everyone there is so much better off. How is Fallujah these days? We are told everyone is thriving in Iraq, violence has disappeared. No one even talks about Iraq anymore except the politicians who say we still have to win. What do they think "we" are "winning"? I'm so sorry there is not yet real peace in Iraq. I hope it comes soon. I would also like to know how there can be any "victory" in Iraq. I don't know what they mean when they say that.
Peace to everyone.

من ارض السواد

Today I receive SMS from the ministry of national security to congraluate the iraqian in the occasion of international peace .really I surprise `cause they congraluate us about some thing that we have no idea about it .and we are sooooo far from it
مع فائق اعتزازي

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