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March 11, 2009



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Ahmed, here are some pictures for you. maybe you have gone hard of hearing.


And I pray that God protects you and your loved ones... and all Iraqis. Please Jesus, rescue your children. Amen.


Laith, thanks so much for your work. I tell everyone I know to check this blog--we don't hear too many Iraqi voices here.
I'm not too worried about your English (it's better than my Arabic!) because I always understand your meaning.
Thanks again, and keep blogging.

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Ahmed Azher

I am a bit confused here! If you are writing from Baghdad, there are no mosque prayers taking place at 7pm on the 10th of March. Maghrib prayers should be over by 1830 in any case, and Ishaa prayers don't start till 1945! Also, I am in Baghdad and never heard of a double explosion targeting a mosque on the 10th of March. (I hope my comment does not get deleted like last time)


Oh Laith. I am glad your family and friends were safe. Still holding hope for peace and reconciliation in Iraq.

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