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May 16, 2008


Charles D

What Bush did say, in his usual roundabout manner, was that it is perfectly OK by him for the Israeli government to trash any hope of peace by attacking Palestinians whenever and wherever they like.

Unlike Presidents before him, Bush no longer seems to want to maintain the pretense that the US government wants a negotiated peace in Palestine. Just crush the terrorists is his mantra.


What Bush didn't say??

Is that he grandfather Prescott Bush was a Nazi

I didn't think he even knew what the word meant, but he must, it is in his blood.


What Bush didn't say??

Is that he grandfather Prescott Bush was a Nazi

I didn't think he even knew what the word meant, but he must, it is in his blood.


Grandfather Prescott Bush was not a Nazi APPEASER! He helped build the evil empire itself in the hope of promoting corporate owned fascism around the world. Heck had he and his Wall Street friends not helped finance the Nazi build up there would now be millions and millions more Jewish people living in Europe, not the Middle East.


While I do agree Bush should have been using this as an opportunity to diplomatically interject SOMETHING about the Palestinians we all know that is not his style nor would it have gone over well in the press either. The thing is, either way, people would have attacked him. Had Bush even remotely eluded to the Palestinians while at the Knesset the Israeli and US media would have been all over it calling it inappropriate and what not. If Bush had more clout or if US foreign policy were different maybe Bush could have participated in activities for both the independence of Israel and al-Nakba, that way essentially showing that he does truly believe in two separate states. The problem lies in the fact that US foreign policy and President Bush do not, and will not, truly believe in a two-state solution. Bush's weak attempts at Middle East peace, which have primarily been taken on by Rice, are a sorry attempt to fix his image in the Arab world (which he cares about more than the Palestinians). The comedy lies in the fact that he believes its working, but the Arabs see straight through the facade.

Chris Baker

We have much more important matters in the Middle East than some 2-bit country that has been persistently screwing up very important US relations with Arab countries. If it was any other tiny country that kept doing that, we would have quietly arranged for the country to be taken over years ago. Also Israel in total population is less than New York City, and it's important Bush act like it. I like how he reminded them about the "chosen people" bit, clearly implying perhaps it's time they acted like it.


Chris Baker,
Your comment is ridiculous. America is a big girl/boy. They make their own decisions and so does Israel. Israel is screwing nothing for you. You Americans would slap her down in a second if it were in your interests to do so. So quit your bitching. An stop reading the "Lobby" and whining a la Buchanan.


I don't believe that bush ever intended for there to be peace in Palestine..... I doubt he really thinks there should be a Palestine.

David L. McNiel

anybody remember Samuel Sheinbein? back in 1996, he murderered a buddy of his, then fled to Israel, which refused to send him back to the USA!

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