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September 17, 2008


Kristie Mansfield

Settlers on living on land that isn't theirs build highways on land that isn't theirs and the rightful owners cant use it.

Steal from the palestinians and make
their lives a living a hell. Make the thieves lives easier.

This behavior is disgusting and immoral.
This is one reason anti-semitism is growing, and I have to agree with the Iranian president when I hear stories like this. May Israel's existence end soon, so the pain of the palestinians can end soon.

Bill Patton

At last, news of Israelis actually beginning to LIVE in the land. I'm saddened to see another posting of pro-PLO/Iranian sentiment. If people are so concerned about Palestinians, where's the outrage over the actual thefts of aid and opportunity by PLO and Hamas? They force perpetual misery and poverty on Palestinians to swell the ranks of terrorist recruits. As long as Palestinians are committed to terrorism, Israel has every right - and the obligation - to defend itself.

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