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December 08, 2008


Yvonne Ridley

Mark Regev has never been to Gaza since Hamas took over - I have and witnessed for myself the brutality of the draconian Israeli siege.
There is a success story - crime is down 80pc and when I visited the unversities female students were extremely well represented.
Women do not fear for their lives - we were all able to walk freely around and enjoy debate and political discussion without fear.
Their fear comes from Gaza's neighbours Israel which has massacred untold women and children since the siege with indiscriminate bombing, tank shells and sniper fire.
Yes, Free Gaza is a cool idea, now I suggest you turn your weasel words in to honourable deeds and do what you can to stop the siege you stupid man.
Yvonne Ridley


I don't understand why this is getting such a little coverage in our western media. And almost no attention from our government. This is a violation of basic human rights and of international law. Israel is engaging in state sponsored terrorism and we say nothing?! It's disgusting. I'm ashamed of the US government for not saying 2 words against Israel's despicable actions.

BigJoe NYC

Gee Mr. Regev, I didn't know the Taliban is in control of Gaza.
Enough of your govt lies and blatant manipulation of the media and facts. We ALL know the truth. The world is quickly coming to the conclusion that the Israeli govt is the reincarnate of the nazi's.



Why won't the AP Jerusalem bureau report the facts like you do?

I mean, you guys at McClatchy are AP members, right? Could you give Gutkin, Federman, et al., some pointers on how to include facts about international law, accounts from third-parties, and so on?

Just a thought. It would be nice to see them do something other than act as mouthpiece for the IDF. I know that the bureau only remains in Jerusalem by the approval of the IDF, but my G-d, can't they at least show some conscience?

Or do all AP Mideast staffers view their job description the way Pam Hess does: as if they're supposed to protect the integrity of the state for the sake of keeping their jobs, eh, I mean sources?

Or are Gutkin, Federman, et al., hyper-zionists and settlers themselves? (Never mind: you can't answer that question honestly even if you knew the answer anyway. I understand.)

Thank you for the honest work you do; however, the AP brand is a scarlet letter on you and the other McClatchy journalists as long as the W. Jerusalem bureau remains a PR arm of the occupation.

PS: Did you know that Palestinians in Gaza are now eating wild grass to survive and burning what's left of their homes to stay warm? (Don't bother telling Gutkin: he and his IDF-approved Israeli editors won't report it anyway.)

Source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article5338014.ece

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