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December 07, 2008



I do not know what to think of this, I wish I knew more about the situation there. I know things have been getting worse and worse in the Palestinian areas but not much more - I need to do more research.

You seem to know a good deal about the situation in Israel (I have to admit I don't know much at all, other than that it's bad in the Middle East and that whole area), but I would like your opinion on an article.

I am a manager at a McDonalds in South Carolina, USA, and just in the past 2 weeks, we have put up a site where only the workers at my store and I contribute to writing but anyone can comment. I have just had to put up an article about Israel by one of our managers (he is a very smart guy, but sometimes I think he goes a bit overboard), and he bashes Israel pretty hard.

Our site is called Deep Fried Worldwide - or www.deepfriedworldwide.com - and if you could come and comment or put in your opinion, not just of the site but really of the article, it would be great - we all love any comments, and especially from someone who knows about the topic. All I really know is that Arabs don't like Israelis and vice versa. Please let me know what you think, thank you -




You say that all you know is 'Arabs don't like Israelis and vice versa'. Sorry hon, but you don't know that either.

Get that over-generalization out of your mind. This is a conflict based in historical actions and international laws not being enforced - not something based solely on religion or ethnicity.

And now that I've given you my unsolicited advice, don't listen to me. Don't believe Dion or anyone else online either - do your own research. Try to go to some good neutral sources and it doesn't hurt to read opposing views either as long as you know who the author is and what their agenda is.

You can read reports on human rights abuses (by both Israel and the Palestinians) at the websites for Amnesty International, B'tselem, Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, and even the United Nations website although some consider it biased.

Once you see the actions of parties over the years (not their words), I think you can start forming your own ideas about the conflict.

'Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer' by Phyllis Bennis is a great place to read up on the conflict and it's not too long or complicated [and only $5.27 on www.amazon.com].

In other words, don't ask a person for their opinion on this subject even if they seem knowledgeable. Do your own research [and mind your sources].


Edie - thank you so much for the advice - like I said, starting this site and all, I am no pro at this and am new to a lot of things but not ashamed to say it. I feel like the worst thing I could do is try to debate things without any knowledge, and I will definitely look into what you recommended. I appreciate it a lot, this conflict in the Middle East seems like could take me more than a lifetime to understand - its pretty intimidating! But thank you and I will do my best -



Thanks Radley.

There's actually a good resource in SC for you, The Carolina Peace Resource Center. You can see their website at:


I don't know where you're at, but they're based out of Columbia. I see the website is not too informative, but if you contact Dave Matos, their Mid-East Peace Workgroup Coordinator, he'll know about any workshops or presentations in the area that you might want to attend.

Good luck.

Dion Nissenbaum

Radley: Good luck with your Web site. I checked out the post and think it's probably best to let others debate and comment on it.
As you noted, the Middle East is a complex and confusing place, and it's difficult to dip your toe into a debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



Why won't the AP Jerusalem bureau report the facts like you do?

I mean, you guys at McClatchy are AP members, right? Could you give Gutkin, Federman, et al., some pointers on how to include facts about international law, accounts from third-parties, and so on?

Just a thought. It would be nice to see them do something other than act as mouthpiece for the IDF. I know that the bureau only remains in Jerusalem by the approval of the IDF, but my G-d, can't they at least show some conscience?

Or do all AP Mideast staffers view their job description the way Pam Hess does: as if they're supposed to protect the integrity of the state for the sake of keeping their jobs, eh, I mean sources?

Or are Gutkin, Federman, et al., hyper-zionists and settlers themselves? (Never mind: you can't answer that question honestly even if you knew the answer anyway. I understand.)

Thank you for the honest work you do; however, the AP brand is a scarlet letter on you and the other McClatchy journalists as long as the W. Jerusalem bureau remains a PR arm of the occupation.

PS: Did you know that Palestinians in Gaza are now eating wild grass to survive and burning what's left of their homes to stay warm? (Don't bother telling Gutkin: he and his IDF-approved Israeli editors won't report it anyway.)

Source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article5338014.ece


The Asociated Press did not release this Olmert/pogrom story to the U.S. wire. (Gee, imagine that!)

But, the International herald Tribune picked it up off the AP intl. wire!

The New York Times — the U.S. subsidiary of the Tribune — didn't get it either, or at least didn't report it.

What is up with those MOUTHPIECES FOR THE OCCUPATION in W. Jerusalem? Are they literally under the IDF gun? Will the W. Jerusalem bureau be burnt to the ground if they release the story to the U.S. wire?

Please, Dion, if you can tell me WHY AP DID NOT RELEASE THIS STORY IN THE USA, I and millions of other Americans will be so grateful for it!

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